Natural Language Processing Analytics for Business Users!

Clickless Analytics in Augmented Analytics Solution Supports Users with Simple Searches and Results! Every consumer and business user loves the new world of search and query. Google-type searches offer the ability to ask a question in simple form, and receive an answer you can understand. […]

Augmented Analytics Must Provide Data Quality and Insight!

How Can I Ensure Data Quality and Gain Data Insight Using Augmented Analytics? There are many business issues surrounding the use of data to make decisions. One such issue is the inability of an organization to gather and analyze data. These enterprises will typically focus […]

AI In Analytics: Today and Tomorrow!

Nothing…and I DO mean NOTHING…is more prominent in technology buzz today than Artificial Intelligence (AI). The use of Generative AI, LLM and products such as ChatGPT capabilities has been applied to all kinds of industries, from publishing and research to targeted marketing and healthcare. Gartner […]

Augmented Analytics with Auto Insights Support Business Users!

Augmented Analytics with ALL Gartner Classified Essential Components AND Auto Insights Too! Gartner classifies essential augmented analytical components and technologies as follows: Machine learning Natural Language generation and natural language processing Automation ‘Combine the three essential components specified by Gartner to create a comprehensive augmented […]

Give Your Business Users Mobile BI to Ensure Success!

Why Should My Enterprise Provide Mobile Business Intelligence (BI) Tools to Business Users? Many businesses are beginning to see and leverage the value of business intelligence and augmented analytics within the organization to engender data democratization, improve data literacy and collaboration and improve results. In […]

Find the Right Augmented Analytics Solution and Provider

Assessing Augmented Analytics Companies, Vendors and Services When you decide to implement an augmented analytics solution, or upgrade or transition to a more beneficial solution, you must carefully review the capabilities of the prospective solution and the vendor skills and experience, as well as the […]

Plan Carefully for Your Augmented Analytics Project

Adopting Augmented Analytics: How to Get Started Gartner has predicted that, in the future ‘…40% of data science tasks will be automated, resulting in increased productivity and broader usage by citizen data scientists.’ If you are planning to implement an augmented analytics solution, you must […]

Consider the Benefits of Augmented Analytics

The Importance and Benefits of Augmented Analytics If your business is considering an augmented analytics solution, or your enterprise already has some version of business intelligence or analytics and it wishes to upgrade or transition to a more beneficial solution, it is crucial to present […]