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Innovative, Sophisticated, Easy-To-Use Augmented Analytics For Every User

The world-renowned technology analyst firm, Gartner predicts that the number of Citizen Data Scientists will grow five times faster than the number of expert data scientists…and that automation of data science tasks will enable Citizen Data Scientists to produce a higher volume of advanced analysis than specialized Data Scientists. Gartner also predicts that, by 2025 a scarcity of Data Scientists will no longer hinder the adoption of data science and machine learning in organizations.

The business market is more competitive than ever and in today’s environment it isn’t enough to simply analyze historical data. To make good business decisions, adjust strategies and forecast and plan, you must use that historical data to plan for the future.

Businesses that can gather data from disparate sources and use historical data to understand trends and patterns and forecast for the future can establish and sustain a competitive advantage and plan more effectively and accurately, avoiding missteps in the market and costly mistakes.

If your business wishes to sustain a competitive advantage, if you as a user wish to advance in your career and build your value to the organization, it is incumbent upon you to embrace the trend of data democratization, data literacy and self-serve, augmented analytics.

The low-code no-code Smarten augmented analytics solution is designed to encourage user empowerment and user adoption. It enables data sharing and allows the organization to produce fast, dependable insights and improve the value of business analysis across the enterprise, democratizing the use of advanced analytics. Empower users with Smarten Advanced Data Discovery. Enjoy self-serve data preparationsmart data visualizationassisted predictive modeling, SnapShot anomaly monitoring and alerts, sentiment analysis, clickless analyticsauto insightskey influencer analytics,  and more.

Today, augmented analytics and smart data discovery make it easier for business users, data scientists, IT staff and the organization to benefit from fact-based decision-making, collaboration, data literacy and the ability to easily, gather, integrate and analyze data.

Smarten Augmented Analytics Benefit Everyone!

  • Day-to-Day Business Decisions
  • Teamwork and Sharing
  • Improved Team Collaboration
  • Meaningful Perspective and Analysis
  • Improved Agility for Business Development
  • Timely Accurate Decisions
  • Emergence of Power Users and Citizen Data Scientists
  • Focus on projects requiring 100% Accuracy
  • Ability to function as statistical Experts
  • Fewer day-to-day requests and interruptions
  • Ability to Focus on Crucial, Strategic Projects
  • Focus on Mature Modeling Requirements
  • Balance data agility with seamless data governance
  • Optimize resources for project and ongoing support
  • Harness synergies, collaborate and add balance to Data Scientist, IT and Citizen Data Scientist roles
  • Fewer day-to-day requests and interruptions
  • Ability to Focus on Crucial, Strategic Projects
  • Understand emerging data popularity and provide more targeted services
  • Improved productivity and collaboration
  • Data sharing
  • Data literacy
  • Cultural transformation
  • Ability to Focus on Crucial, Strategic Projects
  • Decreased market and competitive missteps
  • Improved resource optimization
  • Transform Business Users to Citizen Data Scientists
  • Improve ROI and TCO
  • Minimal implementation, training and support requirements

The benefits and focus of Smarten will help your organization and your team to balance your roles, responsibilities, goals and objectives and engender collaboration between these roles so that every individual can optimize their time, be more productive and produce more dependable results.

Analytical Roles And Processes

The Smarten approach to augmented analytics provides undeniable benefits to business users, data scientists, IT staff and the organization at large! The Smarten solution focuses on the evolution of advanced analytics to satisfy the needs of Data Scientists and Citizen Data Scientists. And our solution suite also includes traditional business intelligence and reporting components designed to satisfy the needs of the IT staff and business units. By combining these business intelligence and advanced analytics benefits, businesses can enjoy improved Return on Investment (ROI) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and users can leverage one toolset for all use cases - from preparing data to leveraging clear visualization techniques, flexible reporting and assisted predictive analytics – business users can accomplish tasks and perform analytics swiftly and with seamless clarity and accuracy.

Traditional BI and Modern BI In One Low-Code No-Code (LCNC) Platform

Smarten combines sophisticated functionality with intuitive, easy-to-use features that enable every user to perform analytics without the assistance of IT or data scientists. The Smarten solution represents the evolution of business intelligence tools and is an innovative solution to enhance and support data democratization, data literacy and Citizen Data Scientist initiatives for businesses large and small

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) elements are embedded within the Smarten Platform and included in various modules and features to support Citizen Data Scientists and help users prepare data, achieve automated data insights and create, share and use predictive models.

The Differentiators

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