Innovative, Sophisticated, Easy-to-Use Augmented Analytics for Every Business User

Innovative, Sophisticated, Easy-to-Use Augmented Analytics for Every Business User

The Smarten augmented analytics solution is designed to encourage user empowerment and user adoption. It enables data sharing and allows the organization to produce fast, dependable insights and improve the value of business analysis across the enterprise, democratizing the use of advanced analytics and augmented predictive tools among business users. Don't settle for restrictive ‘Static Packaged Dashboards’. Empower your users with Smarten Advanced Data Discovery. Enjoy self-serve data preparation, clickless analytics, ETL for business users, smart data visualization and more!

As the business world discovers the benefits of smart data discovery, these tools have evolved, making it easier for business users and data scientists to gather, integrate and analyze data.

The world-renowned technology analyst firm, Gartner predicts that the number of Citizen Data Scientists will grow five times faster than the number of expert data scientists through 2020, and that by 2019 the amount of advanced analytics produced by citizen data scientists will surpass that produced by data scientists. By 2020, Gartner predicts that more than 40% of data science tasks will be automated, resulting in increased productivity and broader usage of these tools by citizen data scientists.

The benefits of the Smarten approach to advanced analytics software are numerous and undeniable!

Business Users

Support for day-to-day business decisions

Insight, perspective and analysis

Quick hypothesis and prototyping

Improved agility for business development

Timely and accurate decision-making

Emergence of power users and data popularity

Transformation to citizen data scientists

Data Scientists

Reduction in day-to-day requests

Ability to focus on strategic projects

Focus on projects that require 100% accuracy

Ability to achieve mature modeling goals

The Smarten approach also provides numerous benefits to the business and its bottom line:

Incorporates computational linguistics, analytical algorithms and data mining into a self-serve environment and provides an easy-to-use NLP search capability for swift, accurate data analysis to support data democratization and enhance the value of every team member.

Suggests relationships and provides insight into previously hidden data so business users can explore and 'discover' crucial business results, patterns, trends, issues and opportunities and improve productivity and smart decision making across the organization.

Provides maximum results, quickly and easily, with minimal training requirements, minimum implementation time and minimal support to achieve rapid ROI and low TCO.

In short, the Smarten approach to augmented analytics provides undeniable benefits to business users, data scientists, and IT staff and the organization at large!

There is no reason to wait. Contact us now to find out how the Smarten approach to advanced data discovery can help your business achieve better results.