Launching PMML Integration with Smarten

This is a launch webinar of PMML integration with Smarten.

Smarten seamlessly enables the use of your own PMML Model for faster, no code roll out.

Join us for this webinar to know:

  • How to roll-out PMML models to users with ready-to-use workflow of Smarten. No programming or scripting required
  • How to use already created models in any platform, e.g., Python, R, Java, KNIME etc. directly in Smarten.
  • Interoperability among Smarten and other platforms using PMML standards.
  • Date: Thursday, 12th Jan 2023
  • Time: 03:00 PM IST 10:30 PM (BST)


Kartik Patel (Founder and CEO)

Khanjan Dharaiya (Data Scientist)

Aayush Shah (Data Scientist)

Coming soon!