Customer Targeting Augmented Analytics Use Case

Predictive Analytics for Customer Targeting

The Objective

In order to anticipate and satisfy customer needs, a business must understand buying behavior, and categorize products and services to target customer segments and preferences. If a business can identify the things that cause a particular customer to buy a particular product or service, it can create products, marketing messages, advertising and outreach that will target specific customer buying behaviors and needs.

The Solution

Advanced analytics can help the business to identify buying frequency, the types of variables that engage a customer and cause them to buy, the demographics (age, income, interests, geography, gender and education) that inform product and service purchases and the most engaging marketing messages for a particular group or segment. Analytics can also allow a business to see a trend or pattern that will tell the organization that things are changing, that customers are changing their behavior, or that the market itself is shifting.

This Technique Can Be Used in Many Industries, Including

Retail, real estate, electronics, auto manufacturing, hospitality, entertainment, media


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