With Sentiment Analysis You Can Find Out What People Think and Why!

Analyze Sentiments and Improve Your Products and Services

Take the Guesswork Out of Consumer, Supplier, Partner, Customer and Stakeholder Interaction

Sentiment Analysis can take your business to the next level by helping you to understand what your customers and potential customers think, understand what people think about world issues, how voters make choices, and what products and features consumers like. This sophisticated analytical technique goes beyond quantitative questionnaires and surveys to capture the real opinions, feelings and sentiments of consumers, employees, and other stakeholders.

Smarten Sentiment Analysis leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP), text analytics, and computational linguistics to identify and analyze sentiment, opinion and responses and can be used for text analysis, to gain insight into how and why people make choices and what they are really thinking and categorize feedback as positive, negative and neutral sentiments.

The Process is simple, and is designed for business users, and does not need any scripting or coding.


  • Analyze text to derive positive, negative or neutral sentiments
      – sentiments for movie reviews, advertising campaigns
  • Understand context variables
     –  tweet sentiments based on user location
  • Understand how sentiments change over time
     – product opinion today vs. last year
  • Summarize sentiments of text-based data
     – keywords depicting nature of sentiments in word cloud

Smarten Sentiment Analysis provides a powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) technique to analyze customer feedback, and understand attitudes about products, events, trends, etc. Algorithms can be applied to text, or contextual analytics to understand what a person is thinking and why, and to look for commonality of sentiments in geographic location, demographics, etc. Smarten Sentiment Analysis is simple enough for business users and allows analytics for advertising or political campaigns, news and media, social media, product reviews, and more.

Sentiment Analysis can help you solve problems, identify opportunities and improve your brand image and competitive stance in the market.

Business Use Cases

Here are just a few examples of situations and categories for which Sentiment Analysis will be useful to your business.

  • Amazon Product Reviews
  • Employee Sentiments Regarding Employment Environs
  • News Headlines and Media
  • Social Media Tweets and Comments
  • Customer Feedback for Product Features
  • Movie and Book Reviews


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