Webinar: Launching SmartenApps for Tally

This is a launch webinar for SmartenApps for Tally. To further our objective of helping Tally users, we have transformed ElegantJ BI for Tally to SmartenApps for Tally, with many new features and improved performance.

SmartenApps for Tally is BI & Reporting for Tally on Web & Mobile. Apart from new all ledger search, sharing on whatsapp and many other features on your mobile app, you also have access to Web based full scale Business Intelligence platform for your Tally data, and you can get started in 10 minutes.

Register for our Webinar and find out how you can leverage SmartenApps for Tally for your business.

  • Date: Thursday, 3 June 2021
  • Time: 15:00 (IST) 10:30 (BST)


Kartik Patel

Coming soon!