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Advanced Analytics has evolved…and so have you! Today’s self-serve augmented analytics and modern business intelligence solutions are designed to support users across the enterprise. Smarten enables rapid implementation and user adoption and requires very little training or transition time. Auto-suggestions and recommendations allow users to work on their own, no matter their skill levels.

No matter your role or responsibilities within your organization, you and your business can enjoy the benefits of augmented analytics and support initiatives that transform business users into Citizen Data Scientists and improve data literacy, data sharing and fact-based decision-making.

Whether you are a business owner, executive, manager, IT staff member, data scientist or business user, you can start using these solutions today!

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Business users and enterprise team members have more responsibility and more accountability than ever before. In order to meet their goals and objectives and advance in the organization, a business user must make the best decisions and consistently achieve the best outcome. Business users are not data scientists but today, they must use data in new ways to forecast, plan, solve problems and find opportunities and insights. As a business user and team member, your individual and team success depends on your ability to collaborate, complete tasks and make recommendations with consistent success.

World-renowned Garter research analysts predict that, ‘Through 2020, the number of Citizen Data Scientists will grow five times faster than the number of expert data scientists.’

The future is here today and it is time for you to begin your journey!

When your business commits to transforming business users to Citizen Data Scientists, it can enable collaboration, change and benefits at the individual, team and enterprise level. But, you don’t have to take the journey alone! The Smarten team is with you every step of the way with workshops, resources, webinars and support designed to get you started on your journey with minimal training and time investment.

Our Smarten solution provides seamless support for business users and requires no professional analytics experience or knowledge.

  • Self-Serve Data Preparation

    These easy-to-use tools allow business users to transform, shape, reduce, combine, explore, clean, sample and aggregate data, without the need for SQL skills, ETL or other programming language.

  • Assisted Predictive Modeling

    Provides auto-suggestions to help users find and leverage the best predictive analytical techniques to achieve the best fit and ensure that they use the most appropriate algorithm for the data they wish to analyze.

  • Smart Data Visualization

    Suggests the best visualization technique to fit the data the business users want to analyze and allows for better understanding of data, identifies unusual patterns in data, and achieves the best output and results.

  • Auto Insights

    No need to select data columns or analysis techniques such as classification or clustering. You simply select the dataset to be analyzed. The system interprets the dataset, selects important columns of data, analyzes its type and other parameters and uses machine learning to automatically apply the best analytical technique and provide data insights.

  • Natural Language Programming (NLP)

    With NLP search capability, users do not need to scroll through menus and navigation. They can enter a search query in natural language and the system will translate the query, and return results in natural language and in an appropriate form, such as visualization, tables, numbers or descriptions.

  • Business Intelligence & Reporting

    Smarten also includes modern BI and analytics, dashboard tools, KPI software and report tools that allow business users to leverage personalized dashboards, multidimensional key performance indicators (KPIs), Crosstab & Tabular reports, Pixel Perfect Print Reports to generate non-columnar, custom-formatted templates and forms, GeoMaps and deep dive analytics with 100% browser based interface and self-serve features that encourage and support Social BI and collaboration.

With the freedom to dig into data, analyze and make decisions, you can do it on your own! If and when you need the assistance of the IT staff or Data Scientists to refine your base analytics or make decisions that require 100% accuracy, you can reach out to the experts in your organization. Smarten Augmented Analytics solutions make it easier to share data with your fellow users, liaise with data scientists and IT, collaborate and explore!

Becoming a Citizen Data Scientist Need Not be a Daunting Journey!

Business users can participate in a few hours of training or take our Citizen Data Scientist workshop, and immediately begin to create, use and share predictive models and create, use and share analytics to clarify customer churn, sales forecasts, dealer segmentation and other real-world business issues – on their own with no IT or data scientist assistance.

You can find real-world business examples below and explore our comprehensive library of Use Cases by visiting our Use Cases and Case Studies pages

As a Data Scientist, you have the responsibility and accountability to produce reliable analytics to satisfy all manner of needs within the organization. You never know what corner of the enterprise might need your services but you DO know that your analysis and services must be 100% accurate and dependable. When business users depend on you to produce information on a day-to-day basis, it is nearly impossible to focus on the more strategic, crucial imperatives.

Smarten augmented analytics provides business users with the freedom and tools to perform day-to-day analysis and get the answers they need without your involvement.

And, these solutions can help you as well!

You already have tools for data extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) and scripting tools like R . But, what if you could complete analytics more quickly and easily?

  • What if you could more easily derive data from disparate sources and prepare it for analysis?
  • What if you could integrate R scripting with advanced analytical tools to take your analysis to the next level?
  • What if you can use quick hypothesis and prototyping to choose the right influencers and model accuracy for your project?
  • What if you have a platform where you can roll out interactive dashboards, reports and results of your model production environment in minutes?

When Augmented Analytics is implemented within a business, Data Scientists can:

  • Renew their Focus on Strategic Initiatives
  • Focus on Projects Where Accuracy is Critical
  • Collaborate with Citizen Data Scientists and IT
  • Optimize Time and Resources
  • Focus on core expertise and objectives

Smarten Augmented Analytics Tools allow Data Scientists to:

  • Use self-serve data preparation, to quickly create datasets without deep SQL or ETL skills
  • Utilize smart visualization and tools to use output of algorithms in R, Python or other Data Science platforms
  • Leverage existing investments in R
  • Roll out interactive predictive models in a production environment to business users in minutes

Gartner Strategic Assumptions Support the Evolution of the Data Scientist Role

  • By 2025, a scarcity of data scientists will no longer hinder the adoption of data science and machine learning in organizations.
  • Data Scientists typically spend more than 40% of time in preparing and enriching data
  • By 2022, data prep will become a critical capability in more than 60% of data integration

Business Intelligence & Reporting for Consumer Users

With BI tool, dashboard software, KPI tools, and business intelligence reports, business users can enjoy reimagined reporting and interactive modern analytics and BI to slice and dice, drill down, drill through and even create new reports, suitable for their specific roles and responsibilities – all in a self-serve environment that does not require programming or IT skills. This BI software provides Pixel Perfect Print Reports to generate non-columnar, custom-formatted templates and forms such as invoices, purchase orders, customer statements, statutory reports, annual or quarterly executive reports etc., and it supports mobile business intelligence access and includes a publishing and delivery agent to deliver reports via email for convenience, sharing, collaboration and data democratization.

As an IT professional, you must often support requests for reports and analytics and help to prepare data for analysis. These daily requests make it difficult to focus on strategic projects, maintenance and support. It is difficult to predict where and when your time and resources will be required.

Smarten augmented analytics provides business users with the freedom and tools to perform day-to-day analysis and get the answers they need without your involvement, so you are free to focus on your most critical tasks.

And, these solutions can help you too. Smarten allows for comprehensive data governance and provides the ability to engage appropriate security and data protection while, at the same time, providing access to data to enable data democratization and data literacy across the enterprise.

Smarten Augmented Analytics Supports IT Optimization and Productivity with Tools to:

  • Establish Rules of Engagement and Manage Guidelines for Roles
  • Support IT, CDO Involvement in Data Source as Appropriate for Enterprise for Watermark and Identification
  • Establish and Participate in Data Literacy Program
  • Balance data agility with comprehensive data governance
  • Capitalize on data popularity as defined by business users to produce more targeted data and reports

Smarten Augmented Analytics Tools allow IT to:

  • Roll out to large user base with low TCO and rapid ROI
  • Leverage dashboards, KPI, Reports and Visualization
  • Seamlessly support growing user and data volume
  • Build toward enterprise-wide analytics, and standardization
  • Leverage a unique licensing model – unlimited users, server-based
  • Balance Data Scientist and Citizen Data Scientist needs and tasks

Solve Real-World Business Problems at All Levels!

Whether you are trying to solve a business problem, get to the heart of that problem, find a business opportunity, predict the need for resources, new products or locations or understanding changes in your customer buying behavior, you don’t have time to learn complex tools or take training in analytics.

What you need are apps and solutions that allow you to ask easy questions in your own words and receive guidance and recommendations on how to best visualize and present your data and what techniques to use to gain the most insight.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) elements are embedded within the Smarten Platform and included in various modules and features to support Citizen Data Scientists and help users prepare data, achieve automated data insights and create, share and use predictive models.

Smarten clients use a simple low-code, no-code analytics platform and augmented analytics and BI tools designed for business users with real-world business cases to find answers and solve problems. You can untangle quality and maintenance issues, refine customer targeting and marketing optimization, make appropriate financial investment decisions, and even use external data to analyze trends and patterns and make forecasts and predications. The Smarten team has helped users and businesses just like yours to achieve success in industries and businesses like retail, pharmacy and wellness, insurance, manufacturing, government and public sector, utilities, and so many more! Smarten Augmented Analytics and BI platform solutions make it easier to share data and to collaborate with others on your team and with IT and business users. And, the good news is that you do not have to do it alone! The Smarten team can help you plan and implement your Citizen Data Scientist initiative with workshops, webinars, and other resources designed to jump start data democratization, help you achieve appropriate data governance and do it all with minimal training and time investment

Jump Start Your Citizen Data Scientist Journey

You can get started in no time with FREE online Citizen Data Scientist course, or in-person workshop and online instructor-led Citizen Data Scientist course options, and  other free training resources, including webinars, videos and other resources that are suitable for your role and needs. And, when you need support, our skilled, responsive team is there to answer your questions.

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Are you a business user who is interested in predictive analytics? Do you want to grow your skills and advance your career? Do you want to make a difference and help your organization?  The Smarten Cloud Software-as-a-Service Augmented Analytics solution is designed to support Citizen Data Scientists. Business users can create predictive models in less than five minutes…no data science skills or coding required!

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Find real-world business examples and explore our comprehensive library of Use Cases by visiting our Use Cases and Case Studies pages.

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