Smarten Products for Smart Data Discovery

Augmented Analytics Supports the Journey From Business User to Citizen Data Scientist

The future of advanced analytics is here with low-code no-code (LCNC) Smarten augmented analytics products and modules, embedded BI and integration APIs that provide augmented analytics within familiar enterprise and mobile applications, and BI software, designed with sophisticated features that are intuitive to use and auto-suggestions, guidance and recommendations that are easy enough for every business user.

All you need are the right self-serve tools. Imagine a world where your users can leverage Smart Data Discovery and Augmented Analytics, and leave behind restrictive ‘Static Packaged Dashboards’. Understand what customers, suppliers, voters, stakeholders and consumers are thinking with Smarten Sentiment Analysis. Drive more effective and strategic outcomes with Prescriptive Modeling to determine the optimal prescribed values of predictors that will maximize results.

Improve user adoption rate, lower TCO and improve ROI with a simple low-code no-code (LCNC) platform that includes Smarten Embedded BI and Augmented Analytics. Integration APIs provide intuitive, self-serve BI tools from within enterprise applications. Empower your users to become Citizen Data Scientists and provide them with tools that encourage collaboration, data sharing, data popularity and data literacy across the enterprise.

Smarten reflects the evolution of modern business intelligence and KPI tools, with augmented analytics and advanced analytics features and functionality and cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) sentiment analysis, all in a self-serve, guided environment with auto-recommendations and suggestions to lead business users through analytical techniques and processes and engender the Citizen Data Scientist environment. And, it’s all in one platform and application!

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