Webinar: Launching Mobile App for Smarten Analytics

This is a launch webinar for native Mobile App of Smarten Augmented Analytics

This Mobile app, has a seamless user interface for a great user experience (Ux). Smarten Mobile app is available for iOS and Android. It provides access to dashboards, reports and Clickless Analytics – Google-type Natural Language Processing (NLP) Search functionality. Users can share reports and data via WhatsApp, email, chat or other content sharing apps on mobile devices, encouraging information sharing and collaboration. The Smarten Mobile App provides out-of-the-box Mobile BI and augmented analytics to extend the office environment and allow for swift analysis and decisions from anywhere with worry-free, comprehensive security and privacy controls at all levels.

Register for our Webinar on Smarten Mobile App for Smarten Analytics and find out how this tool can help your organization!

  • Date: 22nd June, 2022
  • Time: 3: 00 PM IST


Kartik Patel (Founder and CEO)

Arbuda Dave (Analytics Consultant)

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