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Smarten APIs Integrate Business Intelligence Within Enterprise Apps
Monitor, Analyze, Present and Share…All in One Place!

Enjoy seamless integration of Augmented Analytics and Business Intelligence Objects with easy to use, scalable integration APIs. Put the power of integrated business intelligence where you need it, with simple, easy-to-use analytics integration within enterprise and business applications in a single sign-on environment. 

With Smarten Integration APIs, business users can access augmented analytics and BI tools from within their enterprise applications or mobile apps. Engender business intelligence data democratization and alleviate user frustration with real business user solutions and deep dive capabilities. Provide user access within their favorite applications to improve user adoption of business intelligence tools, and engender collaboration, data sharing and fact-based decisions. 

Why Embedded BI and Analytics Integration?

The Problem: In the Gartner Analytics and BI Magic Quadrant customer reference survey, the average modern analytics and BI Adoption rate is 35%. There are numerous reasons for poor user adoption including the absence of self-serve BI capabilities, dependence on IT team, inflexibility of data silos, and lack of access to intuitive BI tools for deep dive, predictive and descriptive features.  

The Solution: Improve user adoption rate, lower TCO and improve ROI with Smarten Embedded BI and Augmented Analytics. Integration APIs provide intuitive, self-serve BI tools from within enterprise applications and public websites. Put the power of facts, data and business insight in the hands of business users. With access to self-serve analytics from within familiar enterprise apps, BI adoption and use increases exponentially!

A survey of businesses using embedded analytics revealed:

End Users and ISV Partners can leverage Smarten Embedded BI Objects and Augmented Analytics!

End User OrganizationsInternal IT teams can easily integrate and embed Smarten BI objects within their ERP, CRM, Intranet portal or other applications, to improve user adoption and maximize Business Intelligence ROI.

ISV and OEM PartnersLeverage the Smarten approach to Embedded BI and Integration APIs to add powerful functionality and provide access to existing ERP, SCM, HRMS, CRM or any other products and to provide analytics capabilities within existing products without major Investment. Reduce time to market and stay ahead in the competition!  

Whether your business needs seamless BI and analytics access for team members, or you want to expand your own software product and improve your competitive status in the market, Smarten Embedded BI and Integration APIs holds the key to your success. 

Technology Benefits of Smarten Integration APIs

  • World-Class Data Architecture provides access to a wealth of data sources and data warehouses, and accommodates business application architecture with single-tenant mode or multi-tenant modes.
  • Flexible Deployment via public or private cloud, or enterprise on-premises hardware. Deploy anywhere! There are no environmental dependencies.
  • Simple Tenant Management to deploy with a shared data model for single-tenant mode or choose an isolated data model for multi-tenant mode and SaaS applications. The business can create common data models and BI object templates to publish across tenants with just a single click.
  • Single Sign-On Access (SSO) for access to Smarten analytics, using the same login credentials as those employed to access the business application. Businesses will have the confidence of leveraging existing security protocols including OAuth2, OpenID and other custom SSO authentications. Enterprise developers can implement custom SSO authentication using AD or Open LDAP to link Smarten with existing portals or applications.
  • Access to Embedded BI Objects from Within Your Application with easy to use, scalable Smarten Integration API. Integrate Smarten objects (Dashboards, Crosstab, Tabular, KPIs, Graphs, Reports, SmartenInsight models, Clickless Analytics and more) into your business application with minimal efforts – in just a few hours.
  • Comprehensive Smarten Administration APIs to manage object access rights, user access rights and perform configuration and administration tasks within a single-tenant or multi-tenant environment.
  • SDKs Designed to Support Your Frameworks and Technology including .NET, ASP.NET, PHP, MVC, .NET Core, Vue, Angular, React, Java and more! Tuned for all major frameworks, so your business can embed Smarten BI objects into enterprise Web or Mobile Apps. You can also work directly with data using web services in web applications or mobile apps.

Explore Smarten Technology and discover the technology advantage.

Business Advantages of Smarten Integration APIs

Smarten Embedded BI and Augmented Analytics includes traditional BI components like dashboards, KPIs, Reports with interactive drill-down, drill through, slice and dice and self-serve analytics capabilities. It is also supported by advanced analytics components including natural language processing (NLP) search analytics, and assisted predictive modeling to enable the Citizen Data Scientist culture.

Here are some of the business benefits of Smarten embedded BI:

  • Improve overall organizational value.
  • Provide unique solutions and analytics integration without significant investment
  • Improve user adoption and ROI for BI investments
  • Support rapid implementation and deployment – quick, efficient and simple!
  • Ensure affordable, flexible licensing models
  • Provide seamless Smarten team support
  • Enjoy ongoing Smarten solution development and upgrades to keep pace with business and market needs
  • Provide embedded BI and access to timely data for public websites, to deliver crucial updates and analytics

Simplicity in Action –  Here’s How it Works!

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    Leverage our SDKs and APIs to integrate and embed Smarten Augmented Analytics and BI Objects

  • …Go!

    Deploy your embedded BI Objects and Augmented Analytics solutions and sit back and watch the fireworks!

Our Satisfied Customers

The Smarten team is proud of its long-standing, rich relationships with our customers. Discover how local and global businesses have used Smarten products and services to improve business success.

Symphony Limited
Impresario Handmade Restaurants
Greaves Cotton
Ampere Scooters
Care Institute of Medical Sciences India
Lubi Electricals, India
Corona Remedies
HI TECH Projects Pvt Ltd
Raychem RPG
Jay Chemicals
Abhyudaya Co-operative Bank
Himachal Pradesh Horticulture Development Society
eNam National Agriculture Market
BLR Logistics
Haryana Vidhyut
Electrical Research and Development Association ERDA
Noble Group
CERA Sanitaryware Ltd India
Newaco Grupo SA
Biso Na Biso Groupe
Chandigarh Transport Undertaking
CMS Info Systems Limited
Kalpa Taru Power Transmission Limited
Bin Jarallah Est Saudi Arabia
Concept Hyundai
Essel Infra Projects Ltd India
Italia Group
JMC Projects
Religare Securities
Abbar & Sons Cold Stores Saudi Arabia
Astral Pipes
SLK Group
Planet Health
National Credit Guarantee Trustee Company India
Yaden Laboratories Private Limited
Cheryl Laboratories Private Limited
Bajaj Healthcare Limited
Daffodil Pharmachem Private Limited
Kamalaamrut Pharmaceutical LLP
Lactonova Nutripharm Pvt Ltd
Olcare Laboratories Private Limited
Sruzam Labs Private Limited
Petlad Mahal Arogya Mandal
Stivaph Healthcare Private Limited
Remik Trading
Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Govt of Gujarat India

Our ISV and OEM Partners

Many ISV vendors like yours have engaged with Smarten in an ISV, OEM partnership, and currently enjoy the benefits of the Smarten Integrated API approach to augmented analytics. Here are just a few of our partner clients. You can find out more about our dedicated partnerships and partner programs. Learn More!

Quantum Business Intelligence (UK)
Predictive Analytical Resources Limited
ILFS Technologies Limited
Simson Software

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