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Smarten SnapShot supports the evolving role of Citizen Data Scientists with interactive tools that allow a business user to gather information, establish metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs), identify crucial volatility and anomalies, and receive auto-suggestions and information to clearly identify the root cause of problems and target opportunities. It’s easy and it’s fast!

SnapShot KPI monitoring and Auto Insights allows business users to quickly establish KPIs and target metrics and identify the key influencers and variables for the target KPI.

Creating a KPI and establishing an alert schedule is as simple as…

THEN, you will receive alerts and reports via email or portal, at your defined frequency. Your Auto Insights will include visuals or graphics, detailed ‘story’ content and deep dive links for further analysis if desired.  

Smarten SnapShot does the work for you. It provides detailed, meaningful insight that will help you:

  • Solve problems by finding the cause of those problems
  • Identify opportunities to improve performance for the target
  • Detect anomalies, increases, decreases, volatility and trends for target KPIs to discover the reasons for these issues, trends or patterns
  • Find out which factors caused the anomaly by analyzing the key influencing factors.

Business Use Case Example

  • Target: Gross Sales
  • User Defined Target KPI: Reveals anomaly in Gross Sales. Sales decreased from March to April.
  • Influencers: Discount, Product, City, Customer
  • Contributions to Sales: 80% of sales comes from 20% of cities (including Chicago).
  • Sales in Chicago: 30% decrease in April, resulting in 5% decrease in overall sales.
  • Improvement Prescription: Increase discount on Product X in Chicago by 1% to improve sales.

Benefits of SnapShot Anomaly Monitoring & Alerts

  • Establish and monitor KPIs and adapt quickly with a personalized approach
  • Clearly identify relationships and impact of influencers on targets
  • Let the system do the work with auto-recommendations, guidance and alerts on changing impact of influencers on targets, related anomalies and volatility
  • Receive and monitor results via email and in-portal notifications
  • Business Users and Citizen Data Scientists can compile data, analyze, monitor and manage results with all the confidence of a Data Scientist
  • Identify opportunities for improvement to optimize results

…all at the touch of a finger without missing a step!

Smarten SnapShot combines the power of Auto Insights and Key Influencer Analytics with simple tools that enable business users to quickly establish key performance indicators (KPIs) and personalized alerts and reports to monitor and measure results with powerful, clear, concise results that  help users to understand and manage the variables that impact their targets and their results.


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