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Search Analytics is evolving at a rapid pace, and the Smarten product roadmap reflects and supports this evolution. Smarten Auto Insight builds on the foundation of assisted predictive modeling and the Smarten Clickless Analytics features, to take natural language processing search analytics (NLP) and predictive modeling for business users to the next level.

Smarten Auto Insights frees business users and reduces the time and skills required to produce accurate, clear results, quickly and dependably, using machine learning that frees the business user to collect and analyze data with the guided assistance of a ‘smart’ solution.

With Smarten Auto Insights, business users will no longer have to select data columns or analysis techniques such as classification or clustering. Instead, the user will simply select the dataset to be analyzed. That’s it!. The system will interpret the dataset, select important columns of data, analyze its type and variety and other parameters and then use intelligent machine learning to automatically apply the best algorithm and analytical technique and provide data insights.

Smarten Auto Insights understands data and applies correlation, classification, regression, or forecasting, or whichever technique is relevant, based upon the data the user wishes to analyze. Results are displayed using visualization types that provide the best fit for the data, and the interpretation is presented in simple natural language. This seamless, intuitive process enables business users to quickly and easily select and analyze data without guesswork or advanced skills.

Nothing could be easier! Smarten Auto Insights will enable the enterprise and its business users to perform complex data analytics and share analysis across the organization in a self-serve, mobile environment. Smarten Auto Insights will bring the power of sophisticated, advanced analytics and smart data visualization to the next level with tools that automate and analyze the process, so business users can simply point to a dataset and let the Smarten solution do the rest!


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