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Browse our educational opportunities in the links provided below, and discover how Smarten can improve data literacy, support business users and help them to make the transition to Citizen Data Scientists. These learning opportunities provide information and education regarding predictive analytics and can assist the business and its users in leveraging and adopting advanced analytics in a way that will add value to the organization and its team members.

Use Cases

Technology analysts predict that organizations leveraging augmented analytics solutions will grow at twice the rate of those that do not use these solutions. Explore Use Cases to find out how Smarten can be applied to crucial, practical issues within your organization


Smarten offers many educational opportunities to support Citizen Data Scientists including a FREE online Citizen Data Scientist course, and in-person and online instructor led workshops that provide a foundation for Citizen Data Scientist transformation, define new and expanded roles within the organization to support the Citizen Data Scientist approach and enable a fundamental understanding of analytical techniques and how augmented analytics can be used to solve everyday business issues and refine strategies and operations

Data Literacy

Enabling Data Literacy within your organization is a foundational step to the transformation of business users into Citizen Data Scientists, enabling team members to make confident day-to-day decisions, share data and perform Advanced Analytics. The learning opportunities provided here represent an important part of our support for business users


Smarten Webinars are designed to educate and inspire customers and partners and provide an opportunity for business professionals and IT staff to discover the power of augmented analytics, assisted predictive modeling, smart data visualization, self-serve data preparation and other Smarten product features


Our video library is designed to support business users and the organization with educational materials, product overviews, training, and webinar sessions, all designed to help you get the most out of the Smarten approach to Augmented Analytics.


The Smarten blog provides insight on augmented analytics and advanced analytics, highlights client business success, explores the future of predictive analytics and advanced analytics and supporting technologies, and discusses topics related to citizen data scientists, data literacy, Self-Serve Data Preparation, Assisted Predictive Modeling, Predictive Analytics, Smart Data Visualization and related topic

Press Releases

This is the place to find out what is happening with Smarten Augmented Analytics. It includes announcements about product upgrades and new features, scheduled events, and all the buzz about Smarten in the media.

Case Studies

The rewards of business user focused advanced analytics are too numerous to mention and there are many use cases to support the effectiveness and benefits of augmented analytics within the average enterprise. Here, you can discover how businesses like yours have leveraged advanced analytics to provide a foundation for business success.

White Papers

Dive deep into topics related to augmented analytics, advanced analytics and the pursuit of the Citizen Data Scientist approach within business cultures and organizations. Our White Papers provide detail on these topics and support for business discussions and decisions related to augmented analytics solutions and how these solutions can benefit your organization

FREE Online Citizen Data Scientist Course

You Too Can be a Citizen Data Scientist – No Matter Your Role, Skill or Job Function

This FREE online, self-paced course is designed for those who wish to explore and continue their education on their own schedule. The course provides video, slides, audio and includes supporting documentation for further exploration and study.

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Discover how easy it is to capitalize on augmented analytics and assisted predictive modeling! Business Users are the lifeblood of the organization. Transform business users into Citizen Data Scientists and encourage collaboration, data sharing and data literacy.

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