Understanding and Addressing Data Anomalies in Business!

How Can My Business Understand and Handle Those Pesky Data Anomalies? Why guess at the cause of your business results? Whether you are seeing positive or negative results, it is still important to understand the ‘why.’ Without this information, you cannot adapt and adjust to […]

Integrated Tally Analytics = Small Business Results

Business Benefits for Small Businesses Integrating Analytics with Tally Solutions! Some small business owners believe they do not need, or cannot afford, business analytics. Nothing could be further from the truth! If your business is currently using Tally Prime or Tally ERP, you can leverage […]

Natural Language Processing Analytics for Business Users!

Clickless Analytics in Augmented Analytics Solution Supports Users with Simple Searches and Results! Every consumer and business user loves the new world of search and query. Google-type searches offer the ability to ask a question in simple form, and receive an answer you can understand. […]

Smarten Support Portal Updates – May – 2024!

We invite you to explore our latest knowledgebase articles and to join the Smarten user community on Smarten Support Portal. If you have not registered yet, Click Here to obtain your login credentials. Knowledgebase Articles General : Global Variable : Calculating Profit/Loss Variance based on […]

Embed BI Within Your Enterprise Apps and Enjoy User Adoption!

If You Want Your Users to Adopt BI Tools, Embedded BI is the Way to Go! If you are considering a business intelligence or augmented analytics solution for your business users, or if you have already invested in these tools, you will want to focus […]

Augmented Analytics Provides Benefits to Data Scientists!

When an enterprise undertakes an Augmented Analytics project, it is typically doing so because it wishes to initiate data democratization, improve data literacy among its team members and create Citizen Data Scientists. The organization looks for a solution that is easy enough for its business […]

Understand PMML (It’s Not That Hard)!

Incorporate PMML Integration Within Augmented Analytics to Easily Manage Predictive Models! You may not be an analytics expert and you may find terms like PMML Integration somewhat daunting. But in reality, the concept is not complex, and the value is outstanding! So, what is PMML […]

Use Smart Data Visualization to Improve Decisions!

Smart Data Visualization and Personalized Dashboards Improve Data Insight and Team Collaboration! Augmented Analytics was designed to remove the barriers erected by the traditional business intelligence and analytics solutions. In order to achieve data democratization and improve data literacy among team members within an enterprise, […]

Augmented Analytics Must Provide Data Quality and Insight!

How Can I Ensure Data Quality and Gain Data Insight Using Augmented Analytics? There are many business issues surrounding the use of data to make decisions. One such issue is the inability of an organization to gather and analyze data. These enterprises will typically focus […]