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One of the most frustrating tasks a business user has in analytics is finding and gathering the right data for analysis and ensuring that all factors, variables and data that may affect the outcome of the analysis is included. That is why these activities are typically performed by Data Scientists, analysts or IT in many organizations.

Depending on the size of the dataset a user selects, there may be hundreds or thousands of variables, and business users often find it difficult to identify the rights ones. Yet without the ability to identify the right variables, the business is likely to measure and attend to the wrong things.

Smarten Key Influencer Analytics provides the perfect solution to this problem!  Put the power and clarity of targeted analytics in the hands of business users and support Citizen Data Scientist initiatives and the critical goals of Data Literacy across the organization.

Simply, point to the dataset you want to analyze and the system. Smarten Key Influencer Analytics identifies the target and the influencers or predictors that will affect the target, along with its impact and it provides crucial metrics such as mean, outliers, and others and identifies relationship and distribution among variables. Smarten will auto-suggest relationships and present distribution and impact using the most appropriate visualization

Users enjoy interactive features that allow them to see and explore other combinations and impacts and can select target and predictors, and use them for models, reports or KPIs. Smarten Influencer Analytics empowers every business user and allows them quickly select and target data to achieve results without the assistance of a data scientist, IT professional or analyst.

Business Use Case Example

  • Target: Gross Sales
  • System Identified Key Influencers: Product Category, Sales Quantity, City, Sales Price, Discount
  • System Identified Impact on Influencers: Highest=Discount, Lowest=City.
  • System Identified Impact on Target: Positive=Discount, Negative=Competitor
  • Positive and Negative Impact: When discount increases, Gross Sales increases, and vice versa, when Competitor Sales increases, Gross Sales decreases and vice versa

Explore the Benefits of Key Influencer Analytics

  • Identify what matters most in your data!
  • Understand the impact and interdependence of variables
  • Leverage auto-suggestions and machine learning to get data insights
  • Identify influencers affecting the target variable with auto-suggestions and quick maneuvers using different combinations


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