Modern Business Intelligence Dashboards

Powerful Personalization and Meaningful Insight

Monitoring, Analyzing, Presenting, Sharing!

Our Modern Business Intelligence Dashboards are designed within a self-serve, mobile business intelligence suite that is suitable for every size enterprise, business function and business user. These BI dashboards are 100% browser based, with a unique ‘Design once, Use anywhere’ UI engine that ensures a seamless user experience across desktops, tablets and mobile devices. Using simple BI tools, business users can design personalized dashboards and unique BI reporting in minutes, without knowledge of any programming or SQL queries.

The Smarten analytics and BI platform allows business users with average technical skills to create stunning visualizations, establish alerts for exceptions and trends, and leverage deep dive analysis using highly interactive dashboard software. Engender business intelligence data democratization and alleviate user frustration with real self-serve dashboards and deep dive capabilities.

Business Users Benefit From BI Dashboards


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