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Your business and your role within that business are unique. But, in many ways, you and your business are no different than any other business. No matter what industry or function, every business must compete, attract and retain clients and plan for the future. It doesn’t matter what your role is or what your responsibilities are, it doesn’t matter what tasks or activities you must perform, you need good, solid data to make effective, fact-based decisions. And, your decisions must be swift because business is moving at the speed of light! Add to this the fact that your responsibilities seem to grow in scope and depth every day, and you can see how crucial it is to have the right support and solutions to help you achieve your goals.

In an effort to achieve these goals more quickly and effectively, most organizations are investing in data democratization and initiatives to transform business users into Citizen Data Scientists, thereby optimizing the time and resources of Data Scientists and improving productivity, empowerment and accountability for business users.

You may be visiting this page to better understand how your business can leverage the Citizen Data Scientist concept and identify potential candidates or perhaps you ARE one of those candidates! Either way, it is important to understand the role of a Citizen Data Scientist in a business, as that is what will ultimately define your success and how, when and where data and analytics will be used to improve productivity and results.

Who and What is a Citizen Data Scientist?

Citizen Data Scientists are not business analysts or data scientists. They are business users and team members within the organization. The typical profile of an ideal Citizen Data Scientist is a person who is respected within the organization, and often shares data and information with other users to collaborate and produce outcomes that are designed to achieve goals and objectives and produce a successful outcome. These individuals may already be ‘power users’ of business applications and may have developed and reported or presented data to others with an eye toward clarifying their decision-making. Citizen Data Scientist candidates may also be IT team members who are interested in data science. In any case, these candidates will typically be uniquely curious, interested in data analytics and devoted to fact-based decisions and team collaboration.

How Do I Identify the Ideal Citizen Data Scientist…
How Do I Know Whether I Am the Ideal Candidate?

If you are trying to identify the right candidate, OR if you are a candidate who is trying to decide whether you are the right choice, this information might help! The characteristics listed in this graphic will add some context. The ideal candidate may be a team member that uses external data to do their job and make good decisions, and may already be using tools like Excel at a ‘power user’ level.

What Does a Citizen Data Scientist Do?

To fulfill the role of Citizen Data Scientists, business users will leverage augmented analytics solutions; that is analytics that provide simple recommendations and suggestions to help users easily choose visualization and predictive analytics techniques from within the analytical tool without the need for expert analytical skills.

When a Citizen Data Scientist uses these tools, the resulting analysis can be combined with the professional knowledge and specific domain skills of the individual to better understand and gain insight into trends, patterns, issues and opportunities and improve time to market, accuracy of predictions, and metrics and measurements.

Adopting these tools and techniques and actively engaging in augmented analytics allows the Citizen Data Scientist to more effectively interact with and collaborate with the IT team and data scientists to prepare data and use data in use cases, and to refine outcomes and improve data-driven decision making across the enterprise.

How Can I Succeed as a Citizen Data Scientist?

The Smarten suite of Augmented Analytics products is designed to support business users and provide crucial tools and features to advance your Citizen Data Scientist role and build your skills.

Smarten Cloud Software-as-a-Service

This all-in-one approach to analytics enables traditional business intelligence with self-serve dashboards, reporting and data visualization, as well as advanced analytics with a suite of natural language processing (NLP) search capabilities and Smart Data Visualization, Self-Serve Data Preparation, Assisted Predictive Modeling, Anomaly Alerts and other tools to provide a foundation for a self-serve, Citizen Data Scientist environment that requires no SQL or data science expertise. This accessible solution provides integrated reporting, dashboards and predictive modeling insights  – all in one place, and all at your fingertips, to create data pipelines, reports and predictive models within minutes. 

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Are Citizen Data Scientists Really Crucial to Business Success?

By transforming business users into Citizen Data Scientists, the organization will enjoy support for data-driven, fact-based decision making, and will gain insight and perspective and clarity. The Citizen Data Scientist community will develop a synergy with Data Scientists and business analysts by sharing data and speaking the same analytical language. The enterprise will improve business agility and efficiency and decisions will be made in a more timely and accurate manner.

The renowned global technology analyst and research firm, Gartner has placed an increased focus on augmented analytics and solutions that support data democratization and business user transformation to the Citizen Data Scientist role. It predicts that those organizations that engage in Citizen Data Scientist initiatives will outperform businesses that do not take this approach and they will be more competitive and better prepared, by increasing productivity, optimizing resources and making better decisions.

The Citizen Data Scientist approach is crucial to sustained competitive advantage and to nurturing human resource assets, improving productivity and making the right decisions at the right time. Businesses and users can get ahead of the curve in the market and enable true collaboration.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) elements are embedded within the Smarten Platform and included in various modules and features to support Citizen Data Scientists and help users prepare data, achieve automated data insights and create, share and use predictive models.

Smarten clients use a simple low-code, no-code BI platform and augmented analytics in real-world business cases to find answers and solve problems. You can untangle quality and maintenance issues, refine customer targeting and marketing optimization, make appropriate financial investment decisions, and even use external data to analyze trends and patterns and make forecasts and predictions. You can find real-world business examples below and explore our comprehensive library of Use Cases by visiting our Use Cases  and Case Studies pages.

Whether you are a business owner or executive exploring the value of Citizen Data Scientists, or a Citizen Data Scientist Candidate, you may wish to explore our self-paced FREE online Citizen Data Scientist course or our one-day in-person or online instructor-led workshops for Citizen Data Scientists.

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