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The Smarten approach to augmented data discovery and advanced analytics tools is based upon

Technology Leadership

Technology Leadership

Team Environment

Team Environment

Customer and Partner Focus

Customer and Partner Focus

The Smarten solution includes dynamic, cutting-edge business intelligence and data discovery tools conceived and developed by Elegant MicroWeb. The Smarten product represents the evolution of the Elegant MicroWeb flagship ElegantJ BI business intelligence tools.

Elegant MicroWeb has more than two decades of experience in building world-class software products and applications. In the ensuing decades, the team has developed a report writer, a PDF publisher, tools for graphing and charting, and a library of JAVA beans to address networking, database connectivity, graphs other needs. The team uses a unique Managed Memory Computing approach for performance balancing and easy handling of large datasets for all business intelligence and analytical needs.

The client base for Elegant MicroWeb, ElegantJ BI and Smarten products is comprised of small, medium and large businesses around the world.

Smarten Augmented Analytics represents the evolution of the ElegantJ BI approach to business intelligence, and the significance of self-serve data preparation, smart visualization, assisted predictive modeling, and Clickless Analytics powered by Natural Language Processing.

The Smarten team of India based experts combines business intelligence, business analysts, data scientists, engineers and data warehouse (DWH) professionals, working together to redefine and re-imagine business intelligence tools and to create a solid foundation in which Business Users can become Citizen Data Scientists.

Meet Our Principal Team

Kartik Patel, Engineer, Manager, Entrepreneur, Founder, CEO - Smarten - ElegantJ BI

Kartik Patel, Engineer, Manager, Entrepreneur, Founder, CEO

Kartik leads a talented team of technocrats, building cutting-edge software products and advanced analytics solutions and focusing on mutually beneficial sustained partnerships in countries around the world.

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Chintan Parikh, Engineer and Architect - Smarten - ElegantJ BI

Chintan Parikh, Engineer and Architect

Chintan is a skilled engineer and software architect and he has been a member of the team since the company's origin. His focus and attention represent the heart of the ElegantJ BI product.

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Sahil Patel, Engineer, Team Builder and Customer Success Manager - Smarten - ElegantJ BI

Sahil Patel, Engineer, Team Builder and Customer Success Manager

Sahil maintains a constant focus on team excellence and on customer delight. Under his leadership, the business has sustained excellence in customer satisfaction and ranking.

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