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The Smarten solution includes dynamic, cutting-edge self-serve data discovery tools conceived and developed by Elegant MicroWeb. The Smarten solution represents the evolution of the Elegant MicroWeb traditional and modern business intelligence tools and the augmented approach to self-serve advanced analytics, and it is built on a low-code no-code (LCNC) platform.

Elegant MicroWeb has more than two decades of experience in building world-class software
products and applications. In the ensuing decades, the team has developed a report writer, a
PDF publisher, the Pixel Perfect Print Reports for forms and documents, e.g., as invoices, purchase orders, account ledgers, customer statements, shipping labels, etc., tools for graphing and charting, and a library of JAVA beans to address
networking, database connectivity, graphs other needs. The team uses a unique Managed Memory
Computing approach for performance balancing and easy handling of large datasets for all
analytical needs.

The client base for Smarten products and business intelligence solutions is comprised of start-ups, small, medium and large
businesses around the world.

Smarten Augmented Analytics reflects the evolution of self-serve advanced analytics products
as predicted by Gartner in its Strategic Planning Assumptions.

Gartner analysts predict that, ‘Early adopters of augmented analytics have the potential to
realize more strategic and differentiating business benefits from their analytics
investments than those who wait until these technologies are widely adopted.’

The intuitive, mobile self-serve Smarten solution leverages a simple low-code no-code (LCNC) environment and reveals the significance of self-serve data preparation, smart visualization, assisted predictive modeling, SnapShot anomaly monitoring and alerts, key influencer analytics and Clickless Analytics powered by Natural Language Processing and enables all businesses to leverage these all-important tools.

The Smarten
of India-based experts combines advanced analytics skills, business analysts,
data scientists, engineers, cutting-edge skills,and data warehouse (DWH) professionals,
working together to redefine and re-imagine business intelligence tools with modern BI and analytics and to create a
solid foundation in which Business Users can become Citizen Data Scientists and businesses
can engender collaboration and Data Literacy within teams and business units.

Meet Our Principal Team

Kartik Patel, Engineer, Manager, Entrepreneur, Founder, CEO - Smarten - ElegantJ BI

Kartik Patel, Engineer, Manager, Entrepreneur, Founder, CEO

Kartik leads a talented team of technocrats, building cutting-edge software products and
advanced analytics solutions and focusing on mutually beneficial sustained partnerships in
countries around the world.

Dhruv Suthar, Technical Implementation, Data and Analytics Delivery - Smarten - ElegantJ BI

Rajesh Mehta, Parterships & Alliances

Rajesh Mehta, 25 years of Sales and Marketing, Business Intelligence, building and implementing the strategy, and strategically including humour in all aspects of life! He calls himself Smarten too.

Sahil Patel, Engineer, Team Builder and Customer Success Manager - Smarten - ElegantJ BI

Sahil Patel, Engineer, Team Builder and Customer Success Manager

Sahil maintains a constant focus on team excellence and on customer delight. Under his leadership, the business has sustained excellence in customer satisfaction and ranking.

Chintan Parikh, Engineer and Architect - Smarten - ElegantJ BI

Chintan Parikh, Engineer and Architect

Chintan is a skilled engineer and software architect and he has been a member of the team
since the company’s origin. His focus and attention represent the heart of the Smarten

Aparna Varma, Pre-Sales, Post Sales, Customer and Partner Community - Smarten - ElegantJ BI

Jignesh Patel, Pre-Sales, Post Sales, Customer and Partner Community

Jignesh is actively involved in the support system to ensure customer delight, which forms the core of our brand. He manages presales and post sales training & support, including management of customer community.

Arbuda Dave, Marketing, Sales, Customer and Partner Relationships - Smarten - ElegantJ BI

Arbuda Dave, Marketing, Sales, Customer and Partner Relationships

Arbuda is engaged in establishing and maintaining a consistent brand and message and
in engaging customers and partners in meaningful relationships that reflect our team commitment and business vision.

Ritu Gupta, Technical Implementation, Data and Analytics Integration - Smarten - ElegantJ BI

Ritu Gupta, Technical Implementation, Data and Analytics Integration

Ritu is focused on working with clients for aligning business requirements with Smarten Analytics. She works with implementation team for data integration, analysis, reporting and delivery support.

Bhumi Mehta, Analytics Implementation And Support - Smarten - ElegantJ BI

Bhumi Mehta, Analytics Implementation And Support

Bhumi works with clients to understand business requirements and map it to Smarten Analytics and data sources, to deliver value of analytics to customers.

Dhaval Patel, Product Engineer Lead - Smarten - ElegantJ BI

Dhaval Patel, Product Engineer Lead

Dhaval is involved since more than a decade with Smarten product, and handles core part of architecture and product development for Smarten platform.

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Our Customers

Symphony Limited
Impresario Handmade Restaurants
Greaves Cotton
Ampere Scooters
Care Institute of Medical Sciences India
Lubi Electricals, India
Corona Remedies
HI TECH Projects Pvt Ltd
Raychem RPG
Jay Chemicals
Abhyudaya Co-operative Bank
Himachal Pradesh Horticulture Development Society
eNam National Agriculture Market
BLR Logistics
Haryana Vidhyut
Electrical Research and Development Association ERDA
Noble Group
CERA Sanitaryware Ltd India
Newaco Grupo SA
Biso Na Biso Groupe
Chandigarh Transport Undertaking
CMS Info Systems Limited
Kalpa Taru Power Transmission Limited
Bin Jarallah Est Saudi Arabia
Concept Hyundai
Essel Infra Projects Ltd India
Italia Group
JMC Projects
Religare Securities
Abbar & Sons Cold Stores Saudi Arabia
Astral Pipes
SLK Group
Planet Health
National Credit Guarantee Trustee Company India
Yaden Laboratories Private Limited
Cheryl Laboratories Private Limited
Bajaj Healthcare Limited
Daffodil Pharmachem Private Limited
Kamalaamrut Pharmaceutical LLP
Lactonova Nutripharm Pvt Ltd
Olcare Laboratories Private Limited
Sruzam Labs Private Limited
Petlad Mahal Arogya Mandal
Stivaph Healthcare Private Limited
Remik Trading
Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Govt of Gujarat India

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