Worldwide Coronavirus Correlation Analysis

Analysis of Seasonal Temperature to Spread Correlation

When analyzed, the relationship between seasonal temperature rise and COVID-19 cases reveals a slight, but statistically insignificant correlation.

This analysis is based on a dataset comprised of the average temperature of ten (10) countries (United States, Spain, Italy, China, United Kingdom, Iran, France, Switzerland, Germany and India) and the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in each country.

Analytical Technique

Analysis was performed using the Karl Pearson Correlation algorithm

While this analysis establishes a very slight correlation between temperature increase and COVID-19 case decrease, the correlation is so slight as to be negligible and therefore cannot be substantiated.

Model Summary

* Disclaimer: Results are derived using Smarten Predictive Modeling Analytics and are based on available, reported data. Rapid changes in research, spread and circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 global pandemic may significantly change the nature and interpretation of these models.

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