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‘Facts are to the mind what food is to the body’ ~ Edmund Burke

As January of 2021 comes to a close, India is now seeing fewer daily cases of Corona Virus (COVID-19), and experts are cautiously optimistic that the country has flattened the curve and on its way to controlling the spread. Time and science will be the determinants but, in light of these positive changes, we have decided to suspend this site effective immediately.

Snapshot of Covid-19 Analytics using Smarten Augmented Analytics platform on 29th January, 2021

Daily Trena - Total Vs New Cases

COVID-19 India Doubling Rate

This analysis reveals the number of days elapsed to double the rate of COVID-19 cases in each state.

The ‘doubling rate’ provides a clear picture of the rate of growth in diagnosed cases and tells us how long it takes for the number of confirmed cases to double. For example, if the number of cases reported goes from 1,000 to 2,000 in three days, the doubling rate is three days. An increase in the number of days in the doubling rate will indicate a slowing of the virus spread.

State-By-State Weekly COVID-19 Spread

This analysis reveals the number of Covid-19 cases reported on a weekly basis for each State, thereby depicting the reported number of cases and state-wide virus spread for a particular State.

State Analytics

We are honored to have the opportunity to provide this support and information to the Indian people and all stakeholders. As India continues to manage this global pandemic, our citizens can continue to monitor the status using the statistics provided by the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

As our citizens receive the vaccine, we encourage every individual to continue to practice the recommended guidelines.

Remember, vaccines protect you from suffering serious illness from the virus, but they do not protect you from acquiring and spreading the virus. Don’t Let Overconfidence Make You a Super Spreader!

Be safe! Be well!

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