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Smarter, Faster, Better Data Discovery and Analysis

The Future of Self-Serve BI Tools is Here Today! Smarten Up and Re-Imagine data discovery and analysis! There are so many possibilities inherent in business user empowerment. All you need are the right self-serve tools. Imagine a world where your users can leverage Augmented Analytics, and leave behind restrictive ‘Static Packaged Dashboards’. Empower your users to become Citizen Data Scientists with Smarten - Advanced Data Discovery tools.

Advanced Data Discovery

Take the Shackles off Your Business Users

Give your users the freedom to imagine and to leverage data without limiting use to visual data analysis on predefined dashboards. After all, your business is more than just plotting pieces of information on a graph and filtering them.

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Advanced Data Discovery and Augmented Analytics Tools Are Here TODAY!

Discover Augmented Analytics

Advanced Data Discovery allows business users to perform early prototyping and to test hypothesis without the skills of a data scientist. Advanced Data Discovery and tools that provide augmented analytics, will ensure user adoption and data democratization. Self Serve Data Preparation, Smart Data Visualization, Plug n’ Play Predictive Analysis, and Clickless Analytics with natural language processing (NLP) will drastically reduce the time and cost of analysis and experimentation.

Self-Serve Data Preparation

Featured Highlights Of Self-Serve Data Preparation.

  • Access to Crucial Data and Information
    Connect to various data sources - personal, external, cloud, IT provisioned
  • Mash Up and Integrate Data
    Integrated data from multiple data sources accessible in a single, uniform, interactive view
  • Smart Discovery
    Leverage Smart Suggestions with auto-suggested relationships, JOINs, type casts, hierarchies, etc.
  • Pristine Data will Clarify Analysis
    Clean, reduce and transform data so that it is easier to use and interpret the data for analysis.
  • Easy-to-Use, Sophisticated Algorithms
    Utilize integrated statistical algorithms like binning, clustering, and regression for noise reduction, and trend and pattern identification.
  • Data Sharing, Ranking and Rating
    Social BI tools allow for collaboration and provide users with the capacity to rate, rank and discuss data sets, analysis and reports.
  • Balance Agility with Governance
    Promote data and reports created by business users to IT provisioned/approved data sources, and identify IT provisioned approved data sources with clear watermarks to ensure balance between agility, governance and data quality.

Advanced Data Discovery allows business users to perform Advanced Data Discovery and auto-suggests relationships, reveals the impact and importance of key factors, recommends data type casts, data quality improvements and more! Self-Serve Data Preparation is a crucial component of Advanced Data Discovery that allows business users to perform data preparation and test theories and hypotheses by prototyping on their own. Users are not restricted to complex tools or forced to wait for programmers or data scientists.

Rather than preparing data at the central meta-data layer, and restricting what business users can do and see, IT enabled (rather than IT controlled), self-serve data preparation and analysis puts meaningful views of data in the hands of business users. It enables the average business user to access and use sophisticated, easy-to-use tools to compile and prepare data and use that data in their analytics to test hypotheses, perform visualization and create and share reports, and create custom alerts and other information.

Smart Data Visualization

Smart Data Visualization suggests the best options for visualizing and plotting for a particular
set or type of data, based on the nature, dimensions and trend of data.

Plug n’ Play Predictive Analysis

Featured Highlights of Assisted Predictive Modeling

Plug n‘ Play Predictive Analysis

Time Series Forecasting predicts future values with simple, naive and weighted averaging, simple, centered, double and weighted moving averages and more!

Causation and Prediction Algorithms including simple linear, least square and multiple linear regressions.

Classification and Prediction including naive Bayes classification, associative, decision tree and K-Nearest Neighbour techniques.

There are many more algorithms that can help business users in their various use cases. Predictive modeling includes the capacity to leverage algorithms (associative, decision trees, classification, clustering and other techniques) and allows business users to explore hypothesis and assumptions using Advanced Data Discovery and recommendations to perform early prototyping, and drastically reduce the time and cost of analysis and experimentation.

To be successful in business, every organization must find a way to accurately forecast and predict the future of its market, and its internal operations, and better understand the buying behavior of its customers and prospects. Plug n’ play predictive and forecasting tools help businesses to create Citizen Data Scientists by enabling the average business user to leverage sophisticated predictive algorithms without the expertise and skill of a trained data scientist, so users who are not statisticians or predictive algorithm experts, can leverage self-service plug n’ play predictive tools to confidently make business decisions.

Clickless Analytics

Advanced Search Analytics with Natural Language Processing

CLICKLESS ANALYTICS - Advanced Search Analytics with Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is an integral part of today's advanced analytics. It incorporates a Google-type interface where business users can enter a question in human language, i.e., 'what is our best selling product in Arizona' or 'who is the best performing salesperson in this year as compared to previous year’. Smarten Clickless Analytics takes augmented analytics and advanced data discovery to the next level with machine learning and NLP, in a self-serve environment that is easy enough for every business user.

Search Analytics and NLP filters through mountains of data to answer a question in the way a user can understand, thereby simplifying and speeding the decision process and ensuring clarity. Clickless Analytics suggests relationships and offers insight to previously hidden information so that business users can 'discover' subtle, crucial business results, patterns, problems and opportunities. Clickless Analytics provides maximum results and business user access with minimum implementation time and minimal training – almost no training, supporting rapid ROI and low TCO.

Citizen Data Scientists Rule!

Transform business users into Citizen Data Scientists with self-serve data preparation tools that allow users to compile and analyze data and test theories and prototypes to support dynamic decisions and planning on their own.

Advanced Data Discovery is a different approach to data access, dependability, mobility, or user experience. Re-imagine your focus on the business bottom line by empowering business users with Self-Serve Data Preparation and Smart Data Visualization to leverage advanced analytics and help the organization transform business users into Citizen Data Scientists. Advanced Data Discovery allows business users to quickly and easily prepare and analyze data and to visualize and explore data, notate and highlight data, share data with others and identify the important ‘nuggets’, buried in traditional data, and to connect the dots, find exceptions, identify patterns and trends and better predict results.

And, the best part is that a business user with average skills can do all of this without specialized skills, knowledge of statistical analysis or support from IT or professional data scientists.

The Smarten approach to data discovery is powered by ElegantJ BI Business Intelligence Solutions, a representative vendor in multiple Gartner reports including the Gartner 'Market Guide for Enterprise-Reporting-Based Platforms', and the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms Report.

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