Key Performance Indicators Dashboard

Multidimensional Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

KPI Analytics and Metrics – The Future is Here!

Our Modern Business Intelligence BI tools are designed as a self-serve, mobile business intelligence suite that is suitable for small and large businesses and for every business function and business user. KPI tools are 100% browser based, and offer a seamless user experience across desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

Users can establish KPIs using a simple, powerful expression engine to set polarity, frequency, and threshold levels in a browser based environment. Using Key Performance Indicator Analytics, the business can create KPIs at the individual, team, department, division and company level, and this KPI software does not restrict users to static monitoring. The KPI dashboard provides interactive options to change frequencies and dimension break downs and to drill down to further analyze trends, and discover the reasons for performance and issues the business must resolve.

The Smarten analytics and BI platform allows business users with average technical skills to establish, monitor and manage results and make fact-based decisions with objective metrics that take the guesswork out of tasks and activities. Initiate business intelligence data democratization and ensure user adoption with real self-serve dashboards and deep dive capabilities.

Business Benefits of KPI Tools


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