Partnerships Add Value For IT Consultants, System Integrators, ISVs, Re-Sellers and Their Customers

You CAN…

  • Offer unique solution(s) to your customers without a significant investment
  • Add natural language processing (NLP) search capability and predictive analytics to your products and services
  • Achieve rapid results, moving from agreement to solution quickly and efficiently
  • Work with 100% freedom to build your solution without us, OR work jointly with our team based – It’s up to you!
  • Receive world-class support and experience in a wide range of platforms, solutions, domains, and languages
  • Receive personal, targeted sales and marketing support
  • Enjoy increased earnings potential and simple licensing policies as your business builds its solution(s) on the Smarten foundation

Choose The Right Partnership Model For You…
We Will Do The Rest

Whether your business is a consulting company, a system integrator or a value-added re-seller, our simple business models and licensing allows you to focus on your strengths and core abilities and build additional revenue with ample support from our team and world-class services, consulting, and development – we work with you to complement your strength(s).

If YOU have domain expertise in a business area and need augmented analytics to complement your services…
WE can work with you to provide an appropriate analytics solution, and train your team to maintain that solution.

If YOU have customers who need augmented analytics but you do not have the resources to build the template or implement it…
WE can provide these services.

If YOU want to expand your offering(s) to include augmented analytics…
WE can help.

If YOU are a System Integration or IT consulting company and you need an augmented analytics solution as part of a large RFP or project…
WE can join hands with you and help you successfully complete and win the bid.

If YOU are a software or hardware vendor with a wide range of contacts and you often receive inquiries for advanced analytics products…
WE can offer a business model that will meet your needs.

If YOU want to offer cutting edge, intuitive analytical tools to expand your customer offerings…
WE can provide natural language processing (NLP) search analytics and assisted predictive modeling to enhance your services.

OEM Partnership for ISVs


You can gain a competitive market advantage and increase revenues without significant investment.

You can enhance the value of your business and your products and services and provide your customers a sophisticated, easy-to-use augmented analytics solution. Whether your products and services include ERP, CRM, SCM or other enterprise applications, Smarten augmented analytics can expand your offering(s) with dashboards, KPI, elegant, flexible reporting, smart visualization, self-serve data preparation and assisted predictive modeling features and functionality.


The Smarten advanced analytics solution is suitable and compliant with all technologies, and will function seamlessly on-premises or via Cloud deployment. The solution suite delivers value and results across operating systems, development platforms, and data sources. It operates seamlessly even if you choose to change your application platforms.

Our uniquely designed partnership is designed for long-term success for all parties, and will have you up and running with value-added Augmented Analytics products and services to complement and add to your existing solutions and provide additional value to your customers. Our simple licensing and partnership policy provides our partners with a rapid roll-out and achieves unmatched profitability and results from day one!

Smarten integrates easily with your solution(s), with powerful, seamless APIs and dependable technical team support with the skill and experience to work across platforms and applications and deliver effective, dependable integration.

AND, you can support multiple customers with our single-instance, Smarten multi-tenant architecture!

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