Augmented Analytics Use Cases

Predictive Analytics Benefits
Proven in Real-Life Business Application

The Rewards of Advanced Analytics

All over the world, businesses like yours are discovering the benefits of advanced analytics! Technology analysts predict that organizations leveraging augmented analytics solutions will grow at twice the rate of those that do not use these solutions. There is no denying that data and analytics are more important than ever and that the enterprise that engages in an active program to implement, adopt and use advanced analytics in the course of its day-to-day and strategic tasks and activities will have a competitive advantage and make better, more educated business decisions.

The rewards of business user focused advanced analytics are too numerous to mention and there are many use cases to support the effectiveness and benefits of augmented analytics within the average enterprise.

Here, you can discover how businesses like yours have leveraged advanced analytics to provide a foundation for business success.

Customer Churn

The cost of acquiring and interacting with customers is one a business must fund and, every time the business loses a customer (customer churn), it must spend more money to replace that customer.

Fraud Mitigation

Businesses must work to mitigate fraud to improve business results and develop and sustain fraud detection processes to enable operations monitoring.

Quality Control

Businesses that fail to control quality will lose customers and market share and, in some cases, expose the organization to legal risk and liability.

Demand Planning

Businesses cannot afford to use guesswork in the planning process. There are many factors that influence business success and a business must anticipate and plan to accommodate.

Product and Service Cross-Selling and Up-Selling

Business managers strive to leverage customer satisfaction to cross-sell and upsell products and services, thereby increasing revenue and brand loyalty.

Maintenance Management

A business must focus on maintenance to keep equipment up and running and reduce downtime as well as perform anticipating required resources, hours on the job and the types of training required.

Customer Targeting

If a business can identify the things that cause a particular customer to buy a particular product or service, it can create products, marketing messages, advertising and outreach that will target specific customer buying behaviors and needs.

Human Resource Attrition

To retain employees, the organization must understand what makes a team member leave a position, what makes them want to stay and invest in the future of the business and what types of issues will create dissatisfaction.

Loan Approval

The cost of dealing with ‘bad’ loans is high and it reduces profitability and productivity. To succeed, businesses must have a dependable process for attracting the right clientele and reviewing, approving and managing loans.

Marketing Optimization

Businesses create targets and goals but, without a fundamental understanding of what affects sales and what kind of decision process customers use to choose a product or service, the marketing and advertising process is based only on guesswork.

Predictive Analytics Using External Data

The ability to integrate data from sources outside the enterprise is crucial to many businesses. Analysis of external data is tedious and time consuming if it is not easily handled by an augmented analytics solution.

Online Target Marketing

In order to optimize available marketing funds and resources, the enterprise must understand what works and what does not work, where to put its messaging and the ideal profile and demographic for its targeted customers.

Students’ Academic Performance

Predictive analytics of students’ academic performance can help decision makers take appropriate actions at the right moment and plan appropriate training in order to improve the student’s success rate.

Crime Type Prediction

Predict the Crime Type in order to prevent crime in the society and assist law agencies to design optimal strategies to ward off crime happenings to increase  public safety and decrease economic loss.

These are just a few examples of advanced analytics use cases. We invite you to explore how the Smarten Augmented Analytics product can help your business to achieve your goals and sustain a competitive advantage.

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