Webinar: Launching Smarten Sentiment Analysis

This is a Launch webinar of Smarten Sentiment Analysis.

Smarten Sentiment Analysis provides a powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) technique to analyze customer feedback, and understand attitudes about products, events, trends, etc. Algorithms can be applied to text, or contextual analytics to understand what a person is thinking and why, and to look for commonality of sentiments in geographic location, demographics, etc. Smarten Sentiment Analysis is simple enough for business users and allows analytics for advertising or political campaigns, news and media, social media, product reviews, and more.

Sentiment Analysis can help you solve problems, identify opportunities and improve your brand image and competitive stance in the market. Register for the webinar to learn more.

Register for our Webinar on Smarten Sentiment Analysis and find out how this tool can help your organization!

  • Date: Wednesday, 6th April 2022
  • Time: 15:00 (IST) 10:30 (BST)


Kartik Patel (Founder and CEO)

Arbuda Dave (Analytics Consultant)

Khanjan Dharaiya (Data Scientist)

Dhwani Mehta (Data Scientist)

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