Human Resource Attrition Augmented Analytics Use Case

Predictive Analytics for Human Resource Attrition

The Objective

It is an expensive proposition to replace an employee. The business must find, hire and train a new individual and, during that transition there will be a loss of productivity and the risk of additional errors. To retain employees, the organization must understand what makes a team member leave a position, what makes them want to stay and invest in the future of the business and what types of issues will create dissatisfaction.

The Solution

Applying advanced analytics to identify key areas of dissatisfaction and understand the activities, processes, benefits, training and environment that encourage productivity and employee satisfaction is crucial. Analytics can also identify key skills, experience and traits that ensure a good fit for a position and the types of training and mentoring or support that is required to leverage promotional opportunities and new positions.

This Technique Can Be Used in Many Industries, Including

Technology, consulting, cybersecurity, hospitality


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