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Citizen Data Scientists Are the Future of the Organization

Smarten offers many educational opportunities to support Citizen Data Scientists. Smarten workshops provide a foundation for Citizen Data Scientist transformation, define new and expanded roles within the organization to support the Citizen Data Scientist approach and enable a fundamental understanding of analytical techniques and how augmented analytics can be used to solve everyday business issues and refine strategies and operations

The Citizen Data Scientist Workshop

One-Day In-Person or Online Workshop

Your Citizen Data Scientist Journey Starts Here!

This one-day intensive workshop provides a summary of topics related to the Citizen Data Scientist approach to analytics, and a deep dive into the new roles within the organization and how those roles will change the approach to analytics.

Our skilled instructors will lead the participants through meaningful discussions and sessions designed to improve the understanding of analytical roles and processes, analytical techniques and algorithms, practical predictive analytical use case applications and an overview of assisted predictive modeling in action. This workshop is designed to support 10-15 participants and can be scheduled as an an online workshop or in-person at a client location or at the Smarten offices. The workshop will educate and inspire business users and prepare them to take on the Citizen Data Scientist role. Participants will leave the workshop with valuable reference material and handouts and a more comprehensive understanding of the Citizen Data Scientist role and its potential within their own enterprise.

To request or schedule an in-person or online one-day workshop for your team, Click Here to contact our Sales team or use our Contact Us  page to complete an inquiry form.

Self-Paced Online Citizen Data Scientist Workshop

If you prefer a self-paced, online training program designed for individual study, you may wish to explore this independent study option. The course includes video, slides, and lectures and provides valuable handouts for further study and reference

Course Overview

  • Introduction
  • Definition and Profile of Citizen Data Scientists (CDS)
  • Benefits of Citizen Data Scientists
  • Analytical Roles and Processes
  • Analytical Techniques and Algorithms
  • Predictive Analytics Use Cases
  • Assisted Predictive Modeling in Action: Overview of Tools
  • Web Services API for Administration and access rights configuration
  • Awesome support from our technical team to help you with your integration

eLearning: Be a Citizen Data Scientist – Aspire, Inspire, Become!

This online eLearning training program is designed to support businesses and prospective Citizen Data Scientist candidates with self-paced study sections to educate and inspire. The course includes video, slides, and lectures and provides supporting documentation, sample business use cases and other content for reference and to encourage further study and exploration.

Students Who Take This Course Can…

  • Explain the Citizen Data Scientist Concept and its Benefits
  • Discuss and Use Analytical Concepts and Techniques Including Predictive Analytics Algorithms
  • Review and Create Business Use Cases for Analysis of Customer Churn, Preventive Maintenance and Other Issues
  • Leverage Smarten Augmented Analytics Tools
  • Collaborate with Team Members, IT and Management to Plan for Citizen Data Scientist Initiative
  • Champion Citizen Data Scientist Initiative
  • Begin the Citizen Data Scientist Journey within their Enterprise