Answer Your Business User Concerns About Augmented Analytics!

Users Might Think Augmented Analytics is Too Difficult. That’s Not True! If you are a business manager who wants to enable a Citizen Data Scientist environment, but you find yourself up against resistance, it is often because your business users believe that advanced analytics is […]

How to Assure Citizen Data Scientist Success!

Enterprise Culture Change Assures Success of Citizen Data Scientist Initiatives! Many businesses have embraced the Gartner prediction that transforms business users into Citizen Data Scientists to help organizations democratize analytics with simple tools that will improve the quality and timeliness of decisions. You can read […]

How Do I Ensure Citizen Data Scientist Success?

Identify Citizen Data Scientists and Provide the Support They Need to Succeed! When your business decides to begin a Citizen Data Scientist initiative, it faces numerous challenges but the resulting benefits the enterprise will reap from this program are undeniable. With the right preparation, every […]

A Citizen Data Scientist Project Requires Culture Change!

Planning for Citizen Data Scientists & Augmented Analytics Initiatives! When a business chooses to follow the guidance of Gartner and embrace the Citizen Data Scientist initiative to transform business users and provide analytical tools for all team members, it must approach the initiative with appropriate […]

What is Naïve Bayes Classification and How is it Used for Enterprise Analysis?

This article will focus on the Naïve Bayes Classification method of analysis. What is Naïve Bayes Classification? Naive Bayes is a classification algorithm that is suitable for binary and multiclass classification. It is a supervised classification technique used to classify future objects by assigning class […]

What is KNN Classification and How Can This Analysis Help an Enterprise?

In this article, we will discuss the KNN Classification method of analysis. What is the KNN Classification Algorithm? The KNN (K Nearest Neighbors) algorithm analyzes all available data points and classifies this data, then classifies new cases based on these established categories. It is useful […]

What Are Simple Random Sampling and Stratified Random Sampling Analytical Techniques?

This article discusses the analytical technique known as Sampling and provides a brief explanation of two types of sampling analysis, and how each of these methods is applied. What is Sampling Analysis? Sampling is the technique of selecting a representative part of a population for […]

What is Binary Logistic Regression Classification and How is it Used in Analysis?

In this article, we will discuss the Binary Logistic Regression Classification method of analysis, and how it can be used in business. What is Binary Logistic Regression Classification? Logistic regression measures the relationship between the categorical target variable and one or more independent variables. It […]

What is Simple Linear Regression and How Can an Enterprise Use this Technique to Analyze Data?

This article describes the Simple Linear Regression method of analysis. What is Simple Linear Regression? Simple Linear Regression is a statistical technique that attempts to explore the relationship between one independent variable (X) and one dependent variable (Y). This method helps a business to identify […]

What is Karl Pearson Correlation Analysis and How Can it be Used for Enterprise Analysis Needs?

This article explains the Karl Pearson Correlation method of analysis, and how it can be applied in business. What is the Karl Pearson Correlation Analytical Technique? Correlation is a statistical measure that indicates the extent to which two variables fluctuate together. A positive correlation indicates […]