You Don’t Have to Wait for AI, But You Should Plan Carefully!

If you are a business owner, technology user or a fan of the news media, it would be difficult to avoid the topic of GPT and artificial intelligence (AI) in today’s news cycle. Whether you are looking at ChatGPT or Open AI and wondering how […]

A Mobile BI App Can Help Your Team Improve Efficiency!

Mobile BI Can Support Your Productivity Goals! According to AON, engaged teams achieve 17% higher productivity, 21% greater profitability, and 10% higher customer ratings. An increase in employee engagement can increase retention rates by up to 87%. If you are considering implementing a mobile BI solution […]

ChatGPT AI Provides Promise with Some Caveats!

As society evolves, the pace of change becomes more rapid. Technology is perhaps the fastest changing sector of society with new advances every day, and artificial intelligence (AI) is the most disruptive and rapidly changing technology segment in the world. One of the most intriguing […]

Give Your Users Mobile BI and Watch Them Thrive!

Mobile BI and Augmented Analytics Improves Agility, Adaptability and Productivity! Today’s management teams are demanding! Team members must do more and time is short. There are many reasons for this phenomenon, and most of those reasons relate to the competition and to the constantly changing […]

Case Study – Fund Management System with Business Intelligence Analytics for India’s National Dairy Development Board

The National Dairy Development Board promotes finances and supports producer-owned and controlled organizations across India. Its programs and activities are designed to strengthen farmer cooperatives and to support national policies that are designed for the growth of these institutions. The NDDB role in India is […]

Case Study – Augmented Analytics for a leading Industrial Chemical Marketing & Distribution Company in India

The client is a leading Industrial Chemical Marketing & Distribution Company based in Ahmedabad with a well established, pan India presence, nationwide branches and a wide distribution network. The company is engaged in import, export, marketing and distribution of a wide range of products such […]

Case Study – Augmented Analytics for a Leading Pharmaceuticals Company in India

Client is leading fully-integrated Indian pharmaceutical company manufacturing over 350 formulations in virtually every dosage form – oral, solids, liquids, dry powders injectable etc and 80 APIs for various therapeutic segments. They have 6 plants for APIs and 9 plants for formulations. They have more […]

Case Study – Smarten Business Intelligence Implementation for a Leading Pipes Manufacturer

The client is one of the leading pipe manufacturers in India and among only a few companies adopting the latest technology and quality control programs that are widely accepted at a global level to develop CPVC plumbing systems as per the Indian plumbing market. The […]

Case Study – Augmented Analytics for a leading Highway Toll Plaza Management Company in India

Client is a leading Highway Toll Plaza Management Company, with a large portfolio of road projects and an order book value of USD 1.6 billion. With successfully operational eight state highway projects and two national highway projects, client contributes to the development of the nation’s […]

Case Study – Augmented Analytics for a leading Ceramic Products Manufacturer Company in India

Client is a leading manufacturing and marketing firm of ceramics tiles with more than 20 years in the industry. They are manufacturing ceramic tiles, glass mosaics and porcelain mosaics under four different brands based on applications like designer kitchen, bathroom, swimming pools and parking. Client […]