Augmented Analytics Learning for All Users!

Can Augmented Analytics Tools Improve Business User Analytics Adoption? When a business commits to data democratization and to improving data literacy, it must add advanced analytics tools that will support these initiatives. The education of business users is crucial if these projects are to be […]

Citizen Data Scientists and Augmented Analytics!

Learning for Citizen Data Scientists and Data Literacy Across the Enterprise! So you want to transform your business users and encourage learning for Citizen Data Scientists to enable data literacy across your enterprise? If your business is like most, your average business user doesn’t know […]

Augmented Analytics Algorithms and Techniques: Learning for Citizen Data Scientists

This article summarizes our recent article series on the definition, meaning and use of the various algorithms and analytical methods and techniques used in predictive analytics for business users, and in augmented data preparation and augmented data discovery tools. The article series is designed to […]

What is Naïve Bayes Classification and How is it Used for Enterprise Analysis?

This article will focus on the Naïve Bayes Classification method of analysis. What is Naïve Bayes Classification? Naive Bayes is a classification algorithm that is suitable for binary and multiclass classification. It is a supervised classification technique used to classify future objects by assigning class […]

What is Frequent Pattern Mining (Association) and How Does it Support Business Analysis?

In this article, we discuss the analytical method known as frequent pattern mining, previously known as ‘association’. What is Frequent Pattern Mining? Frequent Pattern Mining (AKA Association Rule Mining) is an analytical process that finds frequent patterns, associations, or causal structures from data sets found […]

What is KNN Classification and How Can This Analysis Help an Enterprise?

In this article, we will discuss the KNN Classification method of analysis. What is the KNN Classification Algorithm? The KNN (K Nearest Neighbors) algorithm analyzes all available data points and classifies this data, then classifies new cases based on these established categories. It is useful […]

What is Multiple Linear Regression and How Can it be Helpful for Business Analysis?

This article describes the analytical technique of multiple linear regression. What is Multiple Linear Regression Analysis? Multiple Linear Regression is a statistical technique that is designed to explore the relationship between two or more variables (X, and Y). It is useful in identifying important factors […]

What is the Independent Samples T Test Method of Analysis and How Can it Benefit an Organization?

This article focuses on the Independent Samples T Test technique of Hypothesis testing. What is the Independent Samples T Test Method of Hypothesis Testing? The independent sample t-test is a statistical method of hypothesis testing that determines whether there is a statistically significant difference between […]

What Are Simple Random Sampling and Stratified Random Sampling Analytical Techniques?

This article discusses the analytical technique known as Sampling and provides a brief explanation of two types of sampling analysis, and how each of these methods is applied. What is Sampling Analysis? Sampling is the technique of selecting a representative part of a population for […]