Encourage Data Literacy and Achieve Results with Assisted Predictive Modeling!

Learning or Citizen Data Scientists – Easy and Swift!If you want to include predictive analytics and forecasting in your planning process, there are numerous analytical techniques and algorithms at your disposal.

You may hire a data scientist or analyst to help you plan OR, if your organization wishes to provide analytical access to business users, you will want to implement a self-serve Advanced Analytics solution that incorporates all of the standard, comprehensive techniques in an easy-to-use interface. These tools will provide auto-suggestions and recommendations and allow the average business user to leverage sophisticated tools without the knowledge or skill of a data scientist.

You can encourage data literacy and learning for Citizen Data Scientists so that business users with average technical skills can employ sophisticated techniques like Naïve Bayes Classifier, ARIMAX Forecasting, Frequent Pattern Mining, Karl Pearson Correlation, Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm and more, without the need for an analytical degree!

In short, augmented analytics learning does not have to include years of study. By its nature, augmented analytics and Assisted Predictive Modeling can be performed with little training, because the system does the work, and will make the appropriate recommendations for the type of algorithm or technique that is most appropriate for a certain type of data analysis.

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