Can Augmented Analytics Tools Improve Business User Analytics Adoption?

Enable Learning for Citizen Data Scientists!

When a business commits to data democratization and to improving data literacy, it must add advanced analytics tools that will support these initiatives. The education of business users is crucial if these projects are to be successful, but no business has the time or the money to schedule intensive training.

If a business wants to encourage adoption of advanced Data Analysis tools, it must provide Learning for Citizen Data Scientists, and nothing is better than learning by doing. With Augmented Analytics Learning, business users can enjoy the advantages of auto-recommendations and guidance to perform self-serve data preparation, smart data visualization and assisted predictive modeling.

While they are performing Advanced Analytics, they are learning and becoming power users. They can share data and create innovative views of data so that other business users will learn from them as well. Augmented Analytics Education does not have to take place in a classroom. It can take place during the analytical process. With the right tools, users will be willing to adopt the tools and, because they do not experience frustration, they will continue to learn as they work.

Techniques such as time series forecasting, decision tree analysis, linear regression, binary logistic regression, ARIMAX forecasting and ARIMA forecasting, and many other algorithms and analytical techniques are accessible in an easy-to-use environment, and users are offered recommendations to select the appropriate techniques, so no guesswork is necessary.

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