Make the Most of Your Team Member Skills with Augmented Analytics!

Every business owner and manager understands the problem of limited resources. Today, you have fewer team members and you must do more to compete in the market. To enhance productivity and collaboration and ensure that every team member is making better decisions, it is wise to implement augmented analytics within your organization.

With the right augmented analytics tools, business users can participate in a culture of continuous improvement, identify issues, solve problems, target opportunities and mitigate guesswork and opinion by making fact-based decisions.

If you want to make the most out of your business users and your resources, give them the right tools! These business users do not need to be data scientists or IT professionals to leverage an augmented analytics solution. Instead, they can combine their market, domain and professional knowledge with data integrated from data sources across the enterprise to explore, theorize and test hypotheses – all with average technical skills.

If your business commits to a cultural shift to democratize data across the enterprise, it can improve data literacy and encourage the use of data in staff meetings and to support recommendations and suggestions, so that business users understand that the organization itself it making a commitment to facts and to data-driven processes and workflow.

Business team members are often stressed with extra workload and bogged down by organizational bureaucracy.  By providing easy-to-use, intuitive tools, the organization can make a team member job easier, clarify issues and help them complete tasks and activities more quickly and without guessing whether the outcome will be successful. Tools like self-serve data preparation, smart data visualization and assisted predictive modeling are supported by technology that allows business users to leverage sophisticated tools without the skills of a data scientist. Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) support ease-of-use and allow simplified search analytics and completion of tasks.

If you want to make encourage your business users to employ data analytics and improve the quality of decisions and shared information, Contact Us to get started with Modern Business Intelligence and Augmented Analytics tools.