Tally ERP and Analytics with Mobile and Desktop Access!

Integrate Analytics with Tally ERP for Mobile, Desktop, Complex and Simple Data Analysis! If your business is currently using Tally ERP for its accounting, finance, inventory, purchasing, sales and other requirements, there is a way you can take your business users to the next level […]

Give Your Users Customizable Analytics Dashboards and Reports!

Select Augmented Analytics with Dashboards and Reports Your Users Can Customize! When it comes to business tools and processes, one size fits all is never the solution. Your team members each have unique roles and responsibilities and that means they use different tools, software, and […]

There Are Numerous Benefits to Adding Analytics to Tally ERP!

Providing Data Analytics for Accountants and Finance Can Add Value to Tally ERP! Studies reveal that, out of the accounting professionals who already use automation, 41% said it had made their staff more competent and confident. 35% said updating their technology had helped them keep […]

Combine Analytics with Tally ERP to Support Advisory Services!

Augmented Analytics Takes Tally ERP Beyond Data Entry and Reporting! Let’s talk numbers! Whether you are an accountant, a sales manager, a purchasing or inventory professional, an enterprise finance professional or you are on any one of the many other noble ‘numbers-dependent’ career paths, there […]

How Can SmartenApps for Tally Analytics Help My Team Succeed?

SmartenApps for Tally Mobile Analytics Provides Numerous Benefits to Your Team! According to Statista, the importance of mobile analytics in vertical industries is growing exponentially. Industries surveyed included Financial Services, Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Professional Services, Retail, Software Technology, and Telecommunications. 31% to 61% of these […]

Get Great ROI and TCO for Tally ERP with Integrated Analytics!

Improve Tally ERP TCO and ROI and Make Your Business Users Happy with Integrated Analytics! Gartner predicts that, ‘overall analytics adoption will increase from 35% to 50%, driven by vertical- and domain-specific augmented analytics solutions.’ One of the fastest growing analytics sectors is in finance, […]

Improve Client Service with Tally ERP Analytics!

Finance and Accounting Pros Improve Value with Integrated Tally ERP Analytics! Technology research firm Gartner states that, ‘40% of application development teams will be using automated data science and machine learning services to build models that add AI capabilities to their applications.’ ‘By integrating analytics […]

Will My Business Benefit from Mobile Analytics for Tally ERP?

How Do I Know if I Need to Integrate Analytics with My Tally ERP Solution? You made sure you gave your business users the software they need to support their business function. Tally® ERP is popular among your team members. Accountants are using the appropriate […]

Adding Analytics to Tally ERP Can Improve ROI!

How Can I Improve ROI for Tally ERP? It’s Simple! Add Analytics! Surveys reveal that the top three vertical industries currently using Tally ERP include Manufacturing, Retail and Real Estate. No matter what your business industry is, if you are using Tally ERP, you want […]

Integrated Tally Mobile Analytics Improves ROI and TCO!

Increase the ROI and TCO of Tally ERP with Integrated Tally Mobile Analytics! If you are considering, or have already purchased software, you probably faced the questions from your management team about return on investment (ROI) and total cost of ownership (TCO). No doubt, your […]