Are You Feeling Less Than Confident in Your Role as a Citizen Data Scientist?

As a Citizen Data Scientist, your journey may have been rocky. If your business did not plan for the cultural shift, the new workflow and processes, or provide support to help you scale up with intuitive, sophisticated augmented analytics, you probably struggled to find your footing. Perhaps you have yet to find that footing and are still looking for support. No matter where you are on the journey, one thing is for sure, if you don’t have the right tools and techniques to accurately and effectively use data, your Citizen Data Scientist role will not be fulfilled.

Remember, the Citizen Data Scientist is NOT a Data Scientist. Citizen Data Scientists are business professionals with domain, industry or business function knowledge and, in this new environment, they are expected to apply that knowledge to data analytics and use data to make clear recommendations and to base decisions on measurable results and facts, rather than ‘best guess’ or opinion.

If Citizen Data Scientists are to be successful in their role, they need augmented analytics solutions and access to algorithms and analytical techniques in an intuitive environment – one that provides plenty of support, guidance and recommendations to ensure that the visualization they use, or the predictive analytical technique they choose is the right one; the best one to achieve the results and gain the insight they need. They need a solution that provides natural language processing (NLP) search analytics so they can ask questions using normal human language to search and get results. They need tools that are designed to reveal crucial information they need to share, to solve problems or to identify new opportunities for the business.

With the right tools, Citizen Data Scientists can become champions of change and enable improved data literacy, but equally importantly, the Citizen Data Scientist can be confident in their new role and advance the Citizen Data Scientist initiative and the change in culture required for the business to succeed with this initiative. Change is always challenging, but it need not be frustrating or difficult. With the right planning, support and tools, business users and team members can adopt the role of Citizen Data Scientist and become more valuable to the organization.

Our Article, ‘Provide the Right Augmented Analytics Solution and Features for Business Users’ will provide more detail on these tools and how to select the right augmented analytics solution for your business users.

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