Provide the Right Augmented Analytics Solution and Features for Business Users!

Business competition is intense and markets are changing rapidly. What worked yesterday, does not work today and it is crucial for businesses to have an in-depth understanding of what is changing, how customer buying behavior is evolving, what new products and pricing plans are appropriate, where to invest for the future, what additional resources the business will need and when – in short, every detail of your business can positively or negatively impact your business and you need to understand current performance and future needs.

But, this need does not begin and end with senior management. Today, every business user and team member must have access to integrated data in an environment that provides simple, intuitive analytical tools – tools that do NOT require the assistance of IT or a data scientist. If you give your users the right advanced analytics tools, you can increase their contribution and their confidence, create a fact-based environment with empowered, accountable team members who are a real asset to their team and to the organization.

Gartner has predicted that the continued evolution of busines users into Citizen Data Scientists will continue and the pace of this change will increase. You need to prepare for this change with appropriate augmented analytics tools. Here is a brief overview of the features and modules the ideal augmented analytics products should have and the functionality your business users will need in order to function as Citizen Data Scientists:

Self-Serve Data Preparation – Augmented data preparation features allow business users with average skills to perform data preparation and transform, shape, reduce, combine, explore, clean, sample and aggregate data, without the need for SQL skills, ETL or other programming language.

Assisted Predictive Modeling – Predictive Analytics for business users provides predictive modeling capability assisted by auto-recommendations and auto-suggestions to simplify use and allow business users to leverage predictive algorithms without the expertise and skill of a data scientist.

Smart Data Visualization – Smart data visualization allows business users to view and analyze data to identify a problem and clarify a root cause and to make confident decisions. Business users can build a view that will tell a story using guided visualization and recommended data presentation.

Key Influencer Analytics – Key Influencer Analytics puts the power and clarity of targeted analytics in the hands of business users to support Citizen Data Scientist initiatives. Simply, point to the dataset you want to analyze and the system will identify the target variable and influencers

Clickless Analytics – Advanced analytics with Natural Language Processing (NLP) provides a familiar Google-type interface where a user can compose and enter a question using common human language and return the results in natural language in an appropriate form, such as visualization, tables, numbers or descriptions.

Auto Insights  This toolset allows business users to simply select the dataset to be analyzed and let the system interpret the dataset, select important columns of data, analyze its type and variety and other parameters and use intelligent machine learning.

Anomaly Monitoring and Alerts – Reveal trends, anomalies, and answers, map your targets, focus on influencers that matter, adapt and prescribe for improvement.

Simple, Intuitive Reporting – The ability to create non-columnar, custom reports and templates and design and configure documents for preprinted fixed formats, and deep dive analytics.

Your business changes every day and, if you want to get the most out of analytics and the Citizen Data Scientist environment, you need to provide tools that offer guidance, auto-recommendations and search analytics with natural language programming (NLP) so your business users will want to adopt and use these tools and your business will benefit from data-driven, fact-based decision making and continuous improvement.

If your business is planning to implement a Citizen Data Scientist initiative, it is important to establish a solid foundation with the right Augmented Analytics software suite of features and functionality.  Contact Us today to get started, and explore our bonus content here: Give Your Business Users Simple Augmented Analytics.