Predictive Analytics Use Cases: Envision Success with Comprehensive Planning and Forecasting!

When it comes to using Predictive Analytics and a self-serve augmented analytics environment, businesses often want to sell the management team on these tools by suggesting real-world use cases that reflect the needs of the organization and illustrate how advanced analytics can help business users and the organization at large with accurate, efficient insight into the planning and forecasting process, and the ability to identify trends and patterns, understand target custom buying behavior, predict fraud and loan default, combine internal and external data analytics, manage quality, improve demand planning and marketing processes and manage human resource attrition.

These are just some of the examples of use cases that effectively illustrate how your business can benefit from predictive analytics in real-world scenarios. Whether you need to anticipate and plan for equipment maintenance, target online customers, control customer churn, or identify ways to cross-sell and upsell customers on existing and new products and services, these predictive analytics tools can help you to optimize your marketing budget and your resources and mitigate risk and market missteps.

The benefits of advanced analytics and assisted predictive modeling are too numerous to provide a complete list here. Whether you are using these tools for day-to-day or strategic planning, self-serve augmented analytics provides easy-to-use tools for business users and analysts alike and these tools can be used to achieve a competitive advantage and make better, more educated business decisions.

Gain insight into customers, competition, resource allocation, investments, new product and service offerings, supply chain and production issues and more.

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