Predictive Analytics Use Cases: Envision Success with Comprehensive Planning and Forecasting!

When it comes to using Predictive Analytics and a self-serve augmented analytics environment, businesses often want to sell the management team on these tools by suggesting real-world use cases that reflect the needs of the organization and illustrate how advanced analytics can help business users […]

Predictive Analytics Use Case: Online Target Marketing!

To make the most out of online marketing, every organization must target the customers with the most promising profile. Businesses must understand what makes customers click on an ad, and what will compel them to make a purchase. Who is most likely to purchase your […]

Predictive Analytics Use Case: Predictive Analytics Using External Data!

There is a lot of information within your enterprise, and being able to analyze that information is crucial to decision-making and to managing your business and predicting results with efficiency and accuracy. But, when it comes to information, the average business may have quite a […]

Predictive Analytics Use Case: Marketing Optimization!

Using marketing and advertising dollars to target the general market is not a wise use of funding. Every business today is challenged to do more with less and marketing budgets are no exception. In order to reach the right target and convert prospects into sales, […]

Predictive Analytics Use Case: Loan Approval!

Perhaps the greatest risk to a lending organization is that presented by loan applicants who are unprepared to fulfill the long-term obligation of paying off a loan. Banks and other lenders spend a lot of time and energy trying to identify the perfect profile for […]

Predictive Analytics Use Case: Human Resource Attrition!

You probably know how much it costs to recruit and hire a team member but, do you know how long that team member is likely to stay in your employ and what factors will cause them to stay with the company or seek greener pastures? […]

Predictive Analytics Use Case: Customer Targeting!

Even with an unlimited budget, it would not be a wise decision for a business to target every customer in the market. If an enterprise is to succeed, it must understand its products and services and it must know the profile of the customer it […]

Predictive Analytics Use Case: Maintenance Management!

Businesses do not want to be surprised by downtime, equipment failure or the cost of unanticipated equipment replacement. If the enterprise can anticipate the need for equipment maintenance and downtime, it can plan more effectively for product output, resource requirements and expenses. For a business […]

Predictive Analytics Use Case: Product and Service Cross-Selling and Upselling!

If you want to make the most of your product and service portfolio, you must look for opportunities to cross-sell and upsell your clients and to bundle services to attract new clients. With the right information, business managers can leverage customer satisfaction to cross-sell and […]

Predictive Analytics Use Case: Demand Planning!

If a business wishes to optimize inventory, production and supply, it must have a comprehensive demand planning process; one that can forecast for customer segment growth, seasonality, planned product discounting or sales, bundling of products, etc. In order to predict and forecast and assure product […]