Predictive Analytics Use Case: Human Resource Attrition!

You probably know how much it costs to recruit and hire a team member but, do you know how long that team member is likely to stay in your employ and what factors will cause them to stay with the company or seek greener pastures? If you can’t anticipate the need for resources, you are likely to be short-handed at the wrong time, or to experience frequent turnover that will significantly impact your business success and your ability to get the job done.

When a team member leaves the company, the business must find, hire and train a new individual and, allow for ample transition time to get that new person up to speed. In the interim, there is loss of productivity and the risk of crucial mistakes.

Advanced analytics can help you to identify areas of dissatisfaction and understand the activities, processes, benefits, training and the work environment that encourages productivity and ensures employee satisfaction. Augmented analytics can also identify the need for training, the types of jobs that are most at risk of frequent turnover, the key skills for a particular position and the probability of advancement.

With predictive analytics the business can develop a clear picture of the ideal profile that will result in a good fit for a position and the types of training and mentoring required to assure that the team member will add the most value to the organization. These tools can help the organization to improve the recruiting and hiring process, and ensure that the enterprise mitigates attrition and increases employee loyalty and job satisfaction.

You can use Assisted Predictive Modeling to create a clear picture, and to develop effective benefits and training packages and attract and retain the right team members.

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