Predictive Analytics Use Case: Loan Approval!

Perhaps the greatest risk to a lending organization is that presented by loan applicants who are unprepared to fulfill the long-term obligation of paying off a loan. Banks and other lenders spend a lot of time and energy trying to identify the perfect profile for a borrower so they can make the right decision and avoid costly loan defaults and the expense and resources required to take legal action.

Making the right decision and choosing the perfect customers is crucial. To achieve consistent results, the business must have a dependable process for attracting the right clientele and reviewing, approving and managing loans.

Predictive analytics can be a crucial piece of the puzzle in supporting the loan approval process and monitoring and managing loans throughout the life cycle of the contract.

Augmented analytics helps the business to refine these processes using algorithms and analytical techniques so the company can see the big picture and target the right demographics with marketing messages. These techniques also help the business to identify common risk factors across multiple variables and anticipate loan defaults or issues long before the customer defaults on the loan. Advanced analytics solutions are perfect for credit unions, banks, insurance businesses, auto and real estate loan processes.

When applied to the loan approval process, predictive analytics can improve productivity and optimize resources and it can decrease loan defaults and help the business to capitalize on available funds.

Use Assisted Predictive Modeling to define the perfect loan applicant profile and to monitor and manage existing loans to anticipate and mitigate loan defaults.

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