Citizen Data Scientists: Be the Champion and the Change!

If your business has entrusted you with the responsibility of a new role, namely that of Citizen Data Scientist, you may think of it as extra work or some sort of punishment. Nothing can be further from the truth! As a business technology user, you are in a unique position to combine your market, domain and industry expertise and your professional knowledge with augmented analytics that will support your queries, your problem-solving initiatives and your desire to improve on productivity, performance and revenue.

In other words, you can make substantive changes! If your business has not provided the support or culture change you need to fully embrace this role, work with your fellow Citizen Data Scientists to define what you need from your managers and your business executives, IT team or analytical professionals. Ask your business to allow you to take a simple course that will support your new role so that you can work with confidence.

Once you have the support you need, go for it! You can become a champion – one that will work with your fellow business users to show them how and when they can use the new software and analytical tools and how these tools can help every business users to improve their own performance and to add value to the organization. By becoming a champion and providing a resource to answer simple questions, you can also illustrate your additional value.

When you present information in a staff meeting, always use the data you have derived from the augmented analytics data solution. Showing objective metrics and displaying real problems and opportunities using easy-to-read graphics, charts and reports will help you to make your point quickly and effectively – and it will impress management!

Our Article, ‘Provide the Right Augmented Analytics Solution and Features for Business Users’ will provide more detail on these augmented analytics tools to support the Citizen Data Scientist role and improve data literacy.

If you are a newly minted Citizen Data Scientist, you don’t have to do this alone! Contact Us to today or Click Here to explore training for Citizen Data Scientists, designed to help you succeed on your Citizen Data Scientist journey.