If You Are a Newly Minted Citizen Data Scientist, You Don’t Have to Do it Alone!

As a newly minted Citizen Data Scientist, you may feel overwhelmed and uncertain how to proceed. As with any other transition and new responsibility, the first order of business is to understand what is expected of you and what the boundaries and obligations of your new responsibilities will dictate. It is also important to learn how to use any new tools that may be important to your new role.

Unfortunately, many businesses embrace the concept of self-serve analytics and data democratization without a full understanding of what it takes to transition a business user with average technical skills (and virtually NO analytical training) into a Citizen Data Scientist! But, not to worry. If your business is one of these and is struggling to implement this concept, there is a way to succeed.

Remember, you don’t need to be a data scientist, a business analyst or an IT professional to participate in and be a champion for analytics. Here’s what you DO need:

  • An understanding of your new role and how to collaborate with others
  • Clear direction on when and how to engage a data scientist or business analyst when data must be refined or results must be 100% accurate
  • Access to a robust augmented analytics solution that has sophisticated features, yet is easy to use
  • A basic understanding of analytical techniques you will use
  • A willingness to be a champion of the Citizen Data Scientist concept, and of increased data literacy

Of course, we understand that, as a business user, you do not necessarily have control over how the business introduces and supports the Citizen Data Scientist concept but we encourage you to share this article and others that define, describe and recommend the best approach to this type of program. Here, we have listed several articles you may find helpful as you create a learning foundation for the Citizen Data Scientist experience:

The bottom line is that, if you have already been identified as a Citizen Data Scientist, you don’t have to do this alone! Contact Us to today or Click Here to explore training for Citizen Data Scientists, designed to help you begin your Citizen Data Scientist journey.