When a business user takes on the new role of Citizen Data Scientist, it is often with misgivings and concerns. If their business and management team have not adequately explained the expectations of this new role, or made the workflow and cultural changes required to ensure that this new role is successful, the business user and team member is likely to fail, and the Citizen Data Scientist initiative is likely to fail.

When a business considers how best to improve data literacy and implement digital transformation, the transition of business users and team members to Citizen Data Scientists is a crucial part of this new environment. In order to succeed, businesses must take a careful, thorough look at how the business used to work, how it must now work and how roles will change in order to successfully implement these changes. Here are just a few of the areas that must be addressed:

  • Comprehensive communication of new roles and responsibilities and enforcement of these new roles with appropriate empowerment and accountability for managers, team members, IT, data scientists etc.
  • Basic, foundational training on new workflow, new systems and solutions and new processes to ensure that all team members understand how to use the tools and processes to add value and accurately complete tasks.
  • Basic training on analytics techniques to ensure that team members are not intimidated and will willingly adopt and use the augmented analytics tools and the techniques involved in analytics.
  • Adapted hiring, training, annual evaluation and feedback processes to support, encourage and reward business users and team members as they take on this new role.
  • Review and changes for business analysts, data scientists and IT to re-focus roles toward more strategic responsibilities and establish appropriate connections and collaborative work processes between Citizen Data Scientists and analytical teams as there is a need for more accuracy and strategic focus in day-to-day analytics.
  • Assessment and changes to the systems and solutions, workflow and processes used to communicate with suppliers, partners, stakeholders and customers and leverage the possibilities of digital transformation and data-informed decisions across the enterprise.

With the right attention to detail and processes and support for these new roles and approaches to business, the enterprise can assure its success and the success of its Citizen Data Scientists and reap the benefits of this approach to business.

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