What is Naïve Bayes Classification and How is it Used for Enterprise Analysis?

This article will focus on the Naïve Bayes Classification method of analysis. What is Naïve Bayes Classification? Naive Bayes is a classification algorithm that is suitable for binary and multiclass classification. It is a supervised classification technique used to classify future objects by assigning class […]

What is KNN Classification and How Can This Analysis Help an Enterprise?

In this article, we will discuss the KNN Classification method of analysis. What is the KNN Classification Algorithm? The KNN (K Nearest Neighbors) algorithm analyzes all available data points and classifies this data, then classifies new cases based on these established categories. It is useful […]

What is SVM Classification Analysis and How Can It Benefit Business Analytics?

This article provides a brief explanation of the SVM Classification method of analytics. What is SVM Classification Analysis? SVM Classifications are based on the idea of finding a hyper plane that best divides a dataset into predefined classes, as shown in the image below. The […]