Smarten announces its Smarten Clickless Analytics, a Natural Language Processing (NLP) Search Analytics tool designed for every business user, no matter their technical expertise or data skills. Natural Language Processing Search Analytics (NLP) is an easy-to-use search analytics technique that allows business users to create complex searches without endless clicks and complex navigation and commands. Using this familiar Google-type Clickless Analytics, users can leverage these tools to discover trends and patterns, receiving results in simple, clear language the user can understand.

Smarten CEO, Kartik Patel says, “This natural evolution of Smarten Augmented Analytics combines the sophisticated, in-depth of advanced analytics and the ease-of-use and assured user adoption of simple, Google-type searching so business users can ask a simple question like . ‘Who sold the most fruit juice in Phoenix, Arizona in the winter of 2019?’ and get an answer in natural language, just as they might communicate when asking a question in a meeting.’

There is no need for extensive training or skills. The business can democratize the use of data and encourage data literacy. Business users do not need to create complex searches or be frustrated by endless clicks and complex navigation and commands. Clickless Analytics search solution provides tools to search for answers with insight and context including synonyms, phonetics and abbreviation, people and places, time series analytics, the high, the low, the best and the worst, as well as seasonality, including festivals and holidays – and the system understands the dates and date ranges of the season.

“This innovation in search analytics allows users to quickly and easily get to the information they need and to gain insight to make decisions,” says Patel. “Business users have a job to do and, if they are to meet expectations and become the asset they can be for the business, they need a search mechanism that ‘thinks and acts’ like human communication. With Clickless Analytics, business users can just ask a question and get an answer in natural human language.”

Smarten Clickless Analytics  is a crucial part of the Smarten augmented analytics suite that now complements the suite of Smart Data Visualization, Assisted Predictive Modeling, and Self-Serve Data Preparation with machine learning and many other sophisticated features.

About Smarten 

The Smarten approach to augmented analytics and modern business intelligence focuses on the business user and provides tools for Advanced Data Discovery so users can perform early prototyping and test hypotheses without the skills of a data scientist. Smarten Augmented Analytics tools include Assisted Predictive Modeling, Smart Data Visualization, Self-Serve Data Preparation, Clickless Analytics with natural language processing (NLP) for search analytics, Auto Insights, Key Influencer Analytics, and SnapShot monitoring and alerts. These tools are designed for business users with average skills and require no specialized knowledge of statistical analysis or support from IT or data scientists. Businesses can advance Citizen Data Scientist initiatives with in-person and online workshops and self-paced eLearning courses designed to introduce users and businesses to the concept, illustrate the benefits and provide introductory training on analytical concepts and the Citizen Data Scientist role. 

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