Smarten Advanced Analytics is a Silver Sponsor for Gartner Data & Analytics Summit, June 2019 in Mumbai, India

Smarten, an advanced analytics service provider, has announced that it will act as a Silver Sponsor for the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2019, June 10 through June 11 in Mumbai, India where it will demonstrate its Smarten Advanced Analytics solution and its product roadmap for the future of the Smarten Augmented Analytics product suite.

Kartik Patel is the CEO of Smarten. “The Gartner Data & Analytics Summit attracts the leading minds of the analytical community, including information architects, CAOs, CDOs, data analysts and executives from many functional disciplines,” says Patel. “We are pleased to represent the Smarten Advanced Analytics vision as a Silver Sponsor for this important Summit.”

The Smarten advanced analytics team will participate in the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit and engage with partners and clients to demonstrate the Smarten approach to Augmented Analytics and join with Summit attendees to explore the future of analytics and fact-based business strategy. The Summit will take place at the Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel in Mumbai, India on June 10 and June 11, 2019.

Smarten clients, partners and technology innovators are invited to visit the Smarten team at Booth No. S2 to discover the Smarten advanced analytics product and explore the Smarten roadmap that promises to lead this product into the exciting future of advanced analytics and Data Literacy.

CEO Patel, says, “As the Smarten product evolves, it is truly exciting to see the ways in which business users, data scientists, IT staff and business managers have embraced and adopted advanced analytics as part of the day-to-day and strategic business decision process.”

The Smarten self-serve advanced analytics solution includes smart data visualization, assisted predictive modeling and self-serve data preparation, all of which support the transformation of business users into Citizen Data Scientists. The product roadmap includes Smarten Auto Insights, to free business users and reduce the time and skills required to produce accurate, clear results, quickly and dependably. Auto Insights leverages machine learning allowing the user to collect and analyze data with the guided assistance of a ‘smart’ solution. The Smarten roadmap also includes Natural Language Processing (NLP) based ‘Clickless Analytics‘ that further refine and simplify the search analytics process to create tools that are truly self-serve and enable creativity, innovation and user empowerment and accountability.

The Smarten Team of India-based experts combines business intelligence, business analysts, data scientists, engineers and data warehouse (DWH) professionals, working together in a dedicated team environment to re-imagine advanced analytics and support data democratization across the entire enterprise.

Join the Smarten Team at the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2019 June 10 through June 11, 2019 at the Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel in Mumbai, India, Booth No. S2 and find out how Smarten augmented analytics can engender and simplify analytics throughout the organization.

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