Read the Tea Leaves For Business Results with Key Influencers and Auto Insights!

Even if your business results are on target, even if you feel you have a good handle on how to run the business and what your customers want, there is always room for improvement, and the issues that arise can often come out of nowhere. Even the best business managers cannot anticipate and see how every detail of the business might come together to create a challenge OR an opportunity.

What if you could see the trends and identify the anomalies? What if you could reveal the secret patterns and issues bubbling beneath the surface? What if you could map your targets with improved success? AND what if your business users could leverage tools to help you achieve these goals without needing a background in data science! Tools like Auto Insights and Key Influencer Analysis can help!

Innovative, interactive tools designed in an augmented analytics environment allow a business user to gather information, establish metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs), identify crucial volatility and anomalies, and receive auto-suggestions and information to clearly identify the root cause of problems and target opportunities. With these tools business users can quickly establish KPIs and target metrics and identify the Key Influencers and variables for the target KPI. Once the KPI is created, the business user can stay on top of results and identify issues immediately with alerts and reports, delivered by email or portal, at a defined frequency. Results are delivered with visual/graphic illustrations, a clear explanation and links to dive deep into the data for further analysis.  

If you want to leverage Auto Insights and Key Influencer Analytics with simple tools to understand and manage the variables that impact targets and results, you can start today.