Smarten Support Portal Updates – July – 2023

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Knowledgebase Articles

  1. SSDP: Improve data extraction performance from database data source
  2. Smarten Application Security: Password patterns and configurations in Smarten

Predictive Use cases

  1. Handling Missing Values using Smarten Augmented Analytics
  2. Independent Sample T-test Using Smarten Augmented Analytics

Forum Topics

  1. SSDP : Datasource : How can I configure Server shared memory.
  2. Others : General : How to add SSL certificate to the Smarten BI Portal.

Training Use cases

  1. Use case for a Jewellery agent’s order count calculation where orders and customers can be divided amongst multiple transactions for the same order

Manuals and Technical Guides

  1. Smarten-Concept-Manual-SSDP
  2. Smarten-Data-Partitioning-Guidelines
  3. Smarten-Montioring-with-JVisualVM

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