Does Natural Language Processing Work with Advanced Analytics?

NLP and Advanced Analytics Go Hand-in-Hand

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a trend that has taken over technology. Vendors are applying this technique to all types of searching and Advanced Analytics is no exception.

Nearly every enterprise is working on data democratization and wants to transform its business users into Citizen Data Scientists with easy-to-use tools that offer sophisticated analytical techniques and simple access and analysis – no matter the skill level of the user. Imagine what you could do with advanced data discovery that allows users to use normal, natural language to ask questions and make queries and to get results in the same way, without advanced skills or knowledge of technical language or statistical terminology or techniques.

You really don’t have to imagine, because you CAN do that…right now!

Natural Language Processing fuels data democratization, and gives business users to tools to perform searches by asking a question, so they don’t have to use menus or drag and drop, they can just type in a natural query search much as they are used to doing on Google. For example, a user might ask ‘what is best selling product in Arizona’, or ‘show me the best performing product category compared to last year for all states’.

With natural language processing Search Analytics, users can enter a search query in natural language and the system will translate the query, and return the results in natural language in an appropriate form, e.g., visualization, tables, numbers or descriptors.

With a seamless augmented analytics solution, and advanced data discovery, using machine learning and natural language processing the enterprise gets a solution that is easy enough for every business user resulting in increased user adoption, improved data democratization, and return on investment (ROI).

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