Choose an Augmented Analytics Solution Your Business Users Will WANT to Adopt!

Your senior management team has decided to engender digital transformation and improve data literacy across the enterprise. As a primary step in this process, the team wants to implement an augmented analytics solution that will encourage business users to get involved in data analytics, to use data to make fact-based decisions and to present, report and collaborate using real, current and clear information that will support collaboration and improve results.

All of this sounds great but, if you don’t choose an augmented analytics solution to support your needs and the needs of your users, you are not likely to achieve the results you want and need. The advantages of advanced analytics are numerous but a failure to launch, a failure to achieve user adoption will not help anyone!

The augmented analytics solution you select should include:

  • Smart Data Visualization with auto-recommendations to select the right visualization for the data type, volume, etc.
  • Assisted Predictive Modeling with suggestions to ensure the user selects the right analytical technique
  • Self-Serve Data Preparation with easy-to-use tools that will allow users to gather and prepare data for analysis
  • Clickless Analytics with simple Google-type search techniques Simple Business User Data Analytics
  • Auto Insights interprets datasets, selects columns of data, and uses machine learning to apply the right analytical technique
  • Key Influencers allows business users to establish KPIs, target metrics and identify key influencers and variables for the target KPI
  • Comprehensive Reporting with simple programming/scripting to define templates and produce reports for delivery by email
  • Modern Business Intelligence with personalized dashboards, KPIs, deep dive analytics, social business intelligence, what-if analysis etc.

If you want to make encourage your business users to adopt and leverage analytics, you will need to ensure that the Augmented Analytics solution you choose is suitable for the average business user AND will produce the clarity and results you need.  Contact Us to get started.